Uranus square Pluto Fritzed My Blogs!

Ok, it’s like this.

When I started my website http://www.norajean.com it was over 10 years ago and I was using FrontPage 2003. In the ensuing years that software was retired. The code became old fashioned and the new browsers didn’t like it. My slide shows and FrontPage “themes” were broken in the new browsers.

Then because I didn’t know what I was doing I had hundreds of photos in my root directory which made my FrontPage extensions unstable.

I upgraded to Expressions Web the new software from MicroSoft, not a replacement for FrontPage but a CSS software for web building, that still used FrontPage extensions.

My webhost in the effort to make my site more stable moved ALL the photos form my root directory into a file. This month of May 2013 I’ve been searching every page for “red x” photos to redirect them to the right file and to add the Dynamic Web Template to all the pages that had it stripped off.

In the process of doing that I realize all SIX of my blogs are wonky. I can see the pages I have in my blogs in the Dashboard but they do not show up when clicked on the page. My permalinks were fritzed, style sheets were MIA. This is a whole boatload of work I have to do over to get it to the place it was in April, before the webhost “fix”.

So ClayMates looking for CITY-o-Clay guidelines, CITY-Leaders looking for CITY-Lists Guidelines for training, my astro blog here and my general nattering blog, and most likely my son’s kung-fu site and the sample WordPress sites I set up for examples of my skill set are all messed up.

Don’t ya just love it when a “fix” breaks a mess of stuff? So that’s the story of what’s going on with my site and jeese louise do I have a lot of work to do still.

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