To be Certified or Not to be Certified – that is the question

A question was raised on a Facebook Pro-Astrologers group about getting certified. Those who are certified have  attachment to their time, energy, and resources that went into getting letters after their name. Those who are self taught, as I am, have their reasons for not getting an astrological certificate. Below is my reply to that thread. May as well make it into a blog post since I rambled on for a while.

I’m not certified because after being a single mother on the poor side of the
tracks, raising sons while putting myself through conventional college, the
money it costs to get certified astrologically smacked of a metaphysical MLM
scheme. I spent my money buying books and reading them. Then buying a computer
and getting astrological software. Study and observation, self study and seeing
the results of choices made by virtue of astrology improve my life, that’s the
old fashioned way of learning.

I’ve heard many professional astrologers say that no one is going to get rich by
doing readings. Rather it is by being published (so other astrologers will buy
their books), going on the lecture circuit, and/or setting up a “school” and
becoming an astrological Guru. (see MLM comment above).

Any client who will be impressed by letters after someone’s name gets the
astrologer who had the time and resources to do the studies to get the
certification. That doesn’t mean that the reading will be relevant or helpful.
As it has been said above there are people who are highly trained but have poor
“people skills”. There are great astrologers who are not facile with Social
Network Marketing and SEO tricks so they remain unknown except for word of

I’ve come to the conclusion that astrology and all other divination arts are but
training-wheels to our metaphysical bicycle. We are meant to leave these tools
behind and rely on our intuition. Many times I’ve been reading a chart for
someone and I’ve asked them a question that made them blink with shock. “How did
you know that?” They’d ask. Frankly, I couldn’t tell them because the
information welled up through an intuitive channel. Astrology is the framework,
the chicken bones tossed on colored sand on the floor, it helps me focus on the
client but I’m not limited to just reiterating what I’ve read in the mountain of
books I have.

Speaking of the books or any training: it’s what was observed and recorded in
another time and place. That doesn’t mean it has total and irrevocable relevance
to this day and age. My clients are put off by the sexist perspective in the
“old books” just as I’m put off by the inherent sexism in Chinese characters
when I’m studying Japanese. My gay clients can’t relate to most of the astrology
books that are out there because those books were written before gay astrologers
were “out”.

Each generation of astrologers helps clients sort out their lives in that time
and place. What house system one uses or whether one uses Western or Vedic is
moot when it’s a tool to focus one’s intuition and aid in healing someone


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