6 Planets in Earth: What do you want with me already?

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336676400 Click on that link to open a window to Planet Watcher. See the placement of the planets that I’m writing about. 6 planets in Earth. Sun/Jupiter conjunct in Taurus. (Some astrologers will also add Black Moon Lilith with the … Continue reading

Moon/Pluto in Capricorn: Dig Deep & Pare Down Emotions

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336590000 Click that link to see the planets as they are at Noon PDT, at Planet Watcher. It’s free and it’s a great tool. Note that Moon and Pluto are both in Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn and will … Continue reading

Daily Forecast: Hanging with Pluto, aiming for transformation

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336071600 Libra Moon’s turn to oppose Aries Uranus. Capricorn Pluto squares both. The problem with that is Pluto is involved in a Grand Earth Trine with Taurus Sun and Virgo Mars this makes a “Hung T-Square”. Now stop that sniggering … Continue reading

Daily Forecast: Try to keep it upbeat

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1335726000 Leo Moon trine Aries Mercury bringing in some fire energy to uplift that Grand Earth Trine Kite configuration that’s still going on from yesterday. Allow fun loving positive energy keep the daring conversations on a positive level. Chatty Venus … Continue reading

Daily Forecast: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1335365340 Aries Mercury squares Capricorn Pluto at 9 degrees. All the rabble rousing that Mercury was doing with Uranus is going to be questioned now. “What do you have to say now, smart Alec?” intones Pluto. Mercury in Aries is … Continue reading

Daily Forecast: Sunday, April 22, 2012

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1335121200 Today Mercury and Uranus are exactly fused at 6 degrees Aries. What quicker moving planets do to long term slower moving transits, like the Aries Uranus square Capricorn Pluto transit (the first of 7 exact squares between these two … Continue reading

Daily Forecast: Saturday, April 21, 2012

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1335034800 Ever feel like you’re going with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake? Today is like that with Mercury getting real close to Uranus in Aries. That’s communication linking with impulsive invention that’s aggressive. That’s … Continue reading

Sun conjunct Moon in Synastry charts

A question was asked on Facebook about the effect of a Sun conjunct Moon in a synastry chart. That’s when you compare two charts with each other and see what the aspects (degrees apart) planets are one chart to the … Continue reading

Electronic Assault: Moon, Mercury, Uranus in Aries

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1334794103 Link to the “Transit Event”. Transiting Mercury 1, Moon 4, Uranus 5, degrees of Aires. What just happened to me was Facebook suspended my account when I was sharing a YouTube video. It was a video that was on the … Continue reading