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Old Women With Computers Are Dangerous

Old Women With Computers Are Dangerous

If you got a bit of the Geek in ya, then read this blog post. If not, then ignore it because I’m just debriefing myself, for the record.

I’m glad that I didn’t uninstall my old Astrology Blog on my website because I was able to export blog posts from there to repopulate this site after I screwed it up some how. I’m not even sure what happened.

Here’s what went on: I was in the Control Panel at iPage looking for a WordPress website I thought I had on my account. Turns out that I got a separate account for the one I was looking for. While I was in my account I saw that all the WordPress sites were due for an update. I updated this one last night. Today when I went to add a post it was belly up with a weird notification. So I tried uninstalling and it got even weirder. Here’s the trouble ticket I posted with my webhost.

Uninstall WordPress error
Customer Quote: I used the “update” on one WordPress blog yesterday and today I got this on that home page “Fatal error: Class Publicize contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Publicize_Base::test_connection) in /hermes/bosnaweb01b/b1001/ipg.norajeancom/ on line 656″So I attempted to remove that WordPress platform to reinstall it and got this message inside of SimpleScripts :Removing WordPress from
Server Response Empty
Your server responded with a blank page, which means your server is having difficulties processing PHP requests. If you are not familiar with this error (potentially a “500” Error), please contact your server admin or web host about possible resolutions.
Show Debug (beta)
[25 Mar 17:37] Manually set FTP Root Directory: .
[+1.059s] Testing “.”: success.
[+0.060s] Tried directory “.” with URL “”. Response: “”
[+0.062s] Tried directory “.” with URL “”. Response: “”
[+0.061s] Tried directory “.” with URL “”. Response: “”
[+2.679s] Remove utility successfully uploaded.
[+300.896s] Response from

Since the uninstall was not complete I copied the files from my back up to the subdirectory and updated the Theme and it worked, for a minute. I was able to post in the blog and then it all disappeared. Cue – blinking rapidly. So I go back to the Control Panel, make sure that the WordPress site is really uninstalled, and reinstall it again. It took about 5 hours to rebuild this site and get it to the point where I have all the plug-ins and widgets all where I want them to be.

If you got the Geek Chops to understand the notifications I got then let me know in the comments. I looked at them and my eyes glazed like Krispie Kream donuts.

I do feel fairly proud of myself to be able to rebuild and repopulate a WordPress website in such a short amount of time. I look at this whole event as an opportunity to practice my WordPress skill set. Now I have a half dozen other WordPress sites that I need to double check for back-ups.


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