Paying to get smacked in the mouth aka Dental Sojourn

Or in other words going to the University of Pacific Dental College to have a massive amount of work done. I’ll add the widget for the GoFundMe page I set up to crowd source the cost of the dental plan.

I’ve been going to UOP since July when I had to have an emergency extraction. Since I was there and I really liked my dental student, Chandi Patel, we figured we’d see what was going on and what was needed.

Holy smokes I needed another 4 teeth extracted, deep root cleaning, 5 crowns, a partial denture, and a partridge in a pear tree. The GoFundMe page is for $4,000 but now with an additional crown added it’s $4.700. I’m raising money slowly and here’s where the astrology comes in.

I’m giving astrology readings for $1 per minute, minimum of 1 hour to reserve time with me. This money goes into my dental fund. All other pricing arrangements are suspended until I have molars with which to chew walnuts and salad again. This is really a great deal because this is how I do it….

We meet on Google Hangout, we chat, I show you stuff on my monitor, all if it is captured with NCH Debut screen capture software in 15 minute increments. I upload the videos into DropBox for you to download and review at your leisure. I also upload to DropBox gifs of your Natal Chart Wheel, Transit Wheel, and Synastry (interchart compatibility) Wheels if needed. I also include a computer generated report from Matrix software Win*Star and that helps you keep track of planets in the sign, planet in the house, and aspect to the planets.

I recommend using that little computer generated report as examples of search queries for online browsers. For example I would type in a browser “Sun in Leo natal”, “Sun in the 8th House natal”, and “Sun conjunct Pluto natal”.  Since Jupiter is in Leo at this time I would type “Jupiter conjunct Sun transit” because I’ll be searching for any web page that has information about transiting Jupiter bring on top of someone’s natal Sun.

You can see Jupiter (shaped like the number 4 in green) on the outside of the natal chart wheel below, it’s right near the black symbol for the Sun, a circle with another circle inside of it. They are at where 1:00 would be if it were a clock face. I’m not assuming you know astrology symbols yet.

My Natal Chart with Transits for 12-05-14

My Natal Chart with Transits for 12-05-14

So if you’re interested in getting a chart reading or being taught astrology so I can raise the funds for my partial denture, then let me know. I’ll need your full name, email address, “birth” means full birth data: mm/dd/yyyy, location and time of birth. I also will need to know what type of astrology reading you’re interested in: Natal, Transit, and/or Synastry. Synastry means that there are two people involved so I will need all the information for the other person too.  Payment by PayPal to That’s about all I can think of at this time. If you’re interested then fill out the form below and thanks.


Paying to get smacked in the mouth aka Dental Sojourn — 2 Comments

  1. Aunty Alias … I absolutely LOVE your videos about polymer clay .. I find them extremely informative yet funny … and discovered your interest in astrology as a sidebar. As a student of Evolutionary Astrology I’m somewhat disappointed!? I’m sorry but I find very little that has to do with actual astrology … OK you post a chart of current time, but what else??? And what does your dental bill have to do with astrology??? For that matter … what sign deals with teeth??? Gemini/Mercury/3rd House deal with communication … but teeth??? I admit I haven’t looked at your birth chart but I’m curious … my Scorpio connections … I want the bottom line. In line with Evolutionary Astrology … what in your Soul necessitated this experience? Please clarify.

    • Unmet expectations lead to disappointment, from what I’ve learned in life. So what were your expectations of me that were unmet that lead you to feel disappointed? My dental bill comes from years of not having dental coverage nor money to get dental work done. As I mentioned on my GoFundMe video I volunteer my time providing polymer clay tutorials, as you already know. After the turn of the year I will be the Vice President of the San Francisco Astrological Society, as well as the Director of Publicity and Outreach. Neither of these volunteer positions pay a salary. After giving my time, energy, and resources to the community (on this website that has been up for over 10 years and I’ve never asked for help to pay for it) I asked the community to help me fund my dental fees. I have an 8th house stellium = group resources.

      As for how you will figure that out on an Evolutionary Astrology angle, I can’t help you there. That’s not my astrological forte. As for how my “Soul” necessitates this experience, again, you figure it out. I’m a Senior Citizen on a low fixed income, with limited dental insurance coverage and my situation is in line with a lot of other female Boomers. It’s called “old age” and “wear and tear” along with years of low income.

      As for what does my dental bills have to do with astrology, again I refer you to my video on my GoFundMe page. I have offered astrology readings for $1 per minute, with a 1HR minimum reserve, for donations to my dental fees. I have also offered my polymer clay artwork.

      Saturn rules the bones. Teeth are bones. I have a Capricorn ascendant. Pluto has been transiting through my first house for a few years. Since it transited my ascendant I have also developed degenerative joint disease in my right knee, requiring the need to use a cane when I walk. The original blog post has my natal chart and the transits of the day I posted. You can draw your own conclusions.

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