My New Astrology Domain –

This will be the last blog post on this Everything will be migrated over to the new  Astrology Domain: Astrology with Aunty Alias

I set up the new domain for the astrology material. I want to be focused on everything other than astrology. I’m also going to be posting about Social Network Marketing on the new domain.

NoraJean_Astro-Service1I’m keeping the web page up because the points to the static that HTML pages, and that’s what is on the YouTube videos. It will be reduced to one page and then it’ll be reduced to a redirect to the new domain when all the stuff is moved. 

I know it’s a bit confusing but building websites and blogs on the run, while things are developing, is like riding the train hanging out on the caboose platform: You got no idea where you’re going but you got a great view of where you’re coming from. My ClayMates lived through the being merged with and from 2003 they’ve been pulling their hair over broken links. At least the Astrology section at isn’t that big and doesn’t have that large a following. 

All the blog posts (minus this last one) have been exported to  Astrology with Aunty Alias

The fee schedule from the astrology section of has been moved over to Aunty Alias Fee page  where PayPal buttons are being built for the different services I offer. 

I’ll change the static home page for this blog to be the blogs and not the page it has been on. That way if someone falls over this link they’ll know what’s going on and where they can go, should they have a mind to. 

That’s about all I can think of for now to let y’all know: this blog is fixing to be retired, content has been moved, a new domain has been begun, and slowly the web pages from will be migrated over to the new domain. Being a one woman band everything gets done when it gets done. Like the Rastafarians say “Time is time, it be done when it be done” Jah Love. 

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