Mercury Retrograde – Best time to edit and review


A lot of people get all wonky when Mercury is Retrograde. As if when Mercury is Retrograde they should hide under the duvet and not answer the phone. Astrologers who advise clients “Do not sign contracts during a Mercury Retrograde.” are not thinking about whether their client is looking for work, clinching a deal, finding an agent.

People can’t stop in their tracks 3 times a year and this Mercury Retrograde is going to go on for 4 weeks. Try telling your boss that you can’t close that deal because Mercury is Retrograde.

I have a different approach. I use the Mercury Retrograde to “RE” things. What are the “RE” words you can come up with? Review, reexamine, renegotiate, revitalize, reduce-reuse-recycle, re-fi, re-fry. You get the idea.

Review things already written or already started. Edit that hunk of prose. Go over that website and fix those “red x” where photos are supposed to be. Get rid of dead links that go out to 404s.

That’s what I’m doing, figuring out why this blog didn’t have the social network share buttons. I got the buttons fixed (for the most part) on my general nattering blog. But when I came to this blog I couldn’t find the set up.

I know I was overwhelmed when I was fixing my website and rebuilding my blogs after the last web host server “reset”. My site got reset like it was hit in the head with a hammer. There must have been something I overlooked.

Jetpack – that’s what I forgot to install and initiate. Why did I over look that? I forgot where I put my password, that’s why.

So I RE-viewed my paperwork and found that password. Installed and initialized Jetpack, and got those social network share apps set up.

That’s how you utilize Mercury Retrograde.

Read the fine print. Don’t move forward until you understand what you just read. Take one step at a time. Make sure you leave a bread crumb trail so you can follow back over your steps.

Mercury Retrograde makes me slow down and review what I’m doing.

This Mercury Retrograde is in Cancer. What does Cancer signify? Home, hearth, Mom, security on a personal level, the past, sentiment, tradition, empathy, nurturing, the breasts, etc. USA has Sun in Cancer and what are the traditional things when people sum up America “Home, mom, apple pie”.

There is also the fierceness of a mother bear protecting her cubs. Don’t underestimate the intensity of the Cancer energy when it comes to protecting the home.

Cancer Mercury Retrograde can have you reviewing your home security systems. Do you get the urge to become a “Prepper” and add some bottled water to the Earthquake Emergency Supply kit under the kitchen sink? Are you motivated to review your Last Will and Testament to make sure that all the ‘t’s are crossed and ‘I’’s dotted?

This is a good time to touch base with the family and what better time than the Fourth of July. If you can’t do that then make a phone call and don’t get upset if they don’t get the message until days later, Mercury Retrograde can delay messages, letters go missing, or you might leave out the house without the proper paperwork when going to an appointment.

Slow down. Know that your mind may be wandering into the past. You might not be emotionally “present” during this time. Be careful while cooking because wool gathering mentally is not prudent while handling a knife.

Anyway, this was just going to be a test for the social network connection between my astrology blog and the rest of the world. Let’s see if it works.

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