I don’t believe in Astrology


There are times when people confront me with “I don’t believe in astrology.”

My reply, “Neither do I.” and that usually leaves them blinking rapidly.

It’s like this: Do you need to “believe” in a hammer to strike that nail? No you don’t. A hammer is a tool and you use it. Astrology is a tool and you use it.

If all the hammers you ever used came apart when you swung it over your shoulder, the head of the hammer flying off and injuring a co-worker behind you, then you’d have reason to “not believe” in hammers being good tools.

If all the time you’ve used astrology, really used it, with a natal chart cast with all the data: mm/dd/yyyy, location, and time of birth, and you used good books to figure out what all that signified, and then you discovered that astrology never gave you a bum steer, then you wouldn’t have to “believe” in astrology as a useful metaphysical tool. It would just work and you’d use it.

“How does it work?” the confrontational person might demand. “The planets are too far away to exert any physical effect. The person sitting next to you on the bus exerts more of a gravitational attraction than the moon.”

Given who sometimes sits next to me on the bus that comment gives me pause.

Ever hear of Jung? Of Synchronicity? When two things happen that are not connected to each other but they are synched together in time. A master dies in one country and his dog howls in another country right at the same time:  acausal connection. That’s astrology for me.

“How does a car work? You drive a car or ride in a car driven by another person. Do you know how that works, really? Do you know how an airplane works or an elevator, probably not, but you use them, don’t you?” I reply.

There is a belief that I have: every human being is intuitive and can see patterns. If you threw dried beans on the floor, a checker board floor of black and white tiles, in time you will see a pattern emerge in how the beans bounced. I will wager a guess that if you also tracked earthquakes, murder rates, the amount of diapers used in a particular state of the union, you will find connections, patterns and you will intuit something because of what you’re seeing with the bouncing beans on the checker board floor.

We are the conduit of the truth. It is through the mind of humans that God was created. Oh I can feel bodies fall to the ground in a faint on that comment. “If horses had gods their gods would look like horses.” Who said that first? Not me. I’m just remembering it.

I don’t care how astrology works. I know that it does. The times that astrology has not worked for me was when I was pretending to be Cleopatra, the Queen of Denial. I didn’t see the red flags on the chart of a future husband. Or I thought “My love will change him.” only to find out that when in love an astrologer is as big a fool as any other civilian. But I digress.

Don’t believe in astrology. I don’t care. If you want to test astrology send me your birth data, put money in my PayPal account and then we’ll see if it was money well spent. But I’ll tell you this for free…anyone who wants to disbelieve a thing has their mind set on disbelief. There is an ego attachment to being right and making someone else wrong. “I win/You lose” tug of war with a perceived opponent. I’m not playing that game with skeptics. I do not have an ego attachment to making someone believe. I don’t care if they use this tool to their benefit or not. I don’t care if they have a happy life or not. The individual has to care if they have a happy life, are centered spiritually, are manifesting their creative potential. If they don’t care and don’t contact me they are not in my line of sight.

My hands are full with people who accept that astrology is a tool that can be used to their benefit so they can have a happy life and they pay me to tell them just how that can be done. It has nothing to do with belief.

Leave belief to “systems that require faith”, meaning religions of any kind. The reason why religions require faith and belief is you can’t test the systems. You can test astrology, it works or it does not work. Belief systems require faith because you can’t test them. If things go wrong then it is God’s will. If things go right then you feel blessed. I have nothing against belief systems. I have one of my own. But don’t mistake metaphysical systems for belief systems. They are very different.

I admit that I use the individual’s belief system or lack of belief system to form the thought bubbles I’m tossing at them. “You Christian? Ok, remember when Jesus said…” and then I fold in astrology with their belief system. 

So as for astrology I do not “believe in it”. I use astrology, like a hammer or saw, it is a tool to help me and the people who come to me get through their life with a modicum of grace and that’s all we can expect from any metaphysical system.

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