How may I serve you?

How may I serve you?

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I hate fee structures like the one below. Times are hard for everyone. These prices represent what has been offered to me for a certain amount of work on my part.

2017 Update: $1.00 per minute, 60 minute minimum – payable in advance. We will use Google Hangout, Screen Capture with NCH Debut, 15 minute video segments, uploaded to DropBox for you to download and review at your leisure.

This is the best method because I can “share screen” with you, meaning what I see on my monitor I can share with you. The links to the pages I show you will come to you in a text document uploaded to DropBox. I don’t want you to be taking notes while we’re chatting, that’s why I offer the videos for you to review. I want you to be present during the reading.

Humans have been sharing information by talking to one another longer than written language has been around. We’re specifically suited for the oral tradition. This video capture readings have proven to be the most enjoyable for my clients because reading a long tome, as informative as it may be, is a pain in the behind. Also one can’t ask questions and get answers immediately with written text.

If you are intimidated by the tech of this offer I’ll teach you how to do it and then you’ll have a new way of communicating with your loved ones who are far away.

The old fee structure if high tech scares you. 

(1) All the fees listed below are subject to barter. I accept computer hardware, art supplies, yarn, vintage fabric, and services rendered. 

(2) Negotiate a discounts with referrals that pay full price. Start with a $50 red flag reading and pay for the good news with a referral of a friend who pays full price.

(3) If you already know something about astrology and I don’t have to explain to you “this is an orange and this is an apple” then we can negotiate a lower price. Go to http://www.astro.com and cast your own chart and send that to me, throw me a bone here and do some work. It keeps the cost of the reading down.

(4) How long it takes to get the information back to you depends on when your money clears PayPal and who is in line ahead of you. If I’m booked to my eyeballs I’ll tell you before you put money into PayPal.

$20 for a question, you’ll get a page of text without “astrologese.” Take care with this option because one question leads to more questions, each at $20. May as well spend $100 and get the whole natal chart below.

Best $20 deal: You have a new lover. You send me your birth data, their birth data, you ask… “Yes or no?” I’ll tell you in a page why you should keep them or kick them to the curb, in simple plain English terms. Funny thing is when I say “No” the ladies always ask “But why?” and that costs more money.

$25 for a computerized report from Win*Star astrological software. With you get the wheel and a 7 page report emailed to you in pdf format. The reports can be natal, synastry or transit. Multiple reports cost more.

$50 for a natal chart and I’ll give you only the “red flag” hard news. You know your strengths but may be in denial about your stress topics.

$100 for a natal chart with red flags and good news. Best bet for the bucks.

$150 for natal chart with red flags, good news and transits for 6 months.

$200 for natal chart with red flags, good news, and transits for 12 months.

$100 for a synastry chart, meaning two natal charts and red flags only. Folks often write back…”Isn’t there any good news?” Yeah, but that costs more.

$150 for synastry, two charts, red flags and good news.

$200 for a synastry chart, 2 people, with 6 months transit. A real deal.

$250 for synastry chart, 2 people, with 12 month transits. Another deal.

$100 per person for polyamorous groups, natal and synastry only. More for transits. Complicated relationships have complicated prices. That’s how I got my external HDD, fyi, barter the price down.

Go check the price structure with other astrologers and see if my prices aren’t competitive. I also offer what other astrologers do not, e.g. red flag only readings. I will rain on your parade if you want to save some money and cut to the chase.

For locals: I’ve done a reading for a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and a dozen eggs, because that is what I needed and that’s all the client could afford. This offer is for friends and acquaintances only. I do not want strangers showing up at my door with a frozen turkey. That would weird me out.

I still do not like fee structures but people have such a difficult time when I say, “What’s your budget for a reading? How much do you want to know?” For me that would work better, “I have $20 and I have one question. Make it quick – I got things to do.” That’s the sort of deal that I’d go for, quick, simple and cheap. Sort of like my polymer clay tutorials. LOL