To be Certified or Not to be Certified – that is the question

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Where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing

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First Post of New Blog

4-17-2012 First post of new astrology blog

Transiting Mars in Virgo is conjunct my natal Saturn in Virgo and that’s why I’m up at the wee hours for four days. Transiting Mars went direct. It’s like the flood gates of energy have been opened and all the things I was thinking of doing, fixing to do, as my daddy would have said, are getting done.

Karl, our house guest, and I moved all the astrology books to where he’s camping out in our apartment and in return he moved all my drawing supplies to where the astrology books were, by my work table. He has decided to study astrology while he is here.

What he has discovered is he has 3 planets in Cancer, Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Cancer straddling his 10th and 11th houses. He had worked as a short order cook at one time. What he’s discovered since he’s been staying with us is how much he enjoys having access to a kitchen with all the basic supplies: flour, sugar, salt, yeast, baking powder, vanilla extract, spices for both baked goods and soups and stews.

I should hope my kitchen was well stocked. I have Mars in Cancer and Venus in Virgo. Mars is action. Cancer is nurturing. Venus is what you like to eat. Virgo is healthy and nutritious. Cancer is afraid of starving. Virgo is afraid of not having the all the ingredients just in case one would want to make whatever comes to mind.

Karl’s Mercury conjunct (right next to) his Saturn in Cancer means he thinks about food security. Cancer deals with food/nurturing. Saturn deals with security. Mercury is the thinking planet. “Honey, that’s why you’re so close to your mom and grandma. When things go wrong with them you can feel it before anyone calls you.” Karl also has a Grand Water Trine, meaning all the three water signs have planets in them, Trines are good luck, ease, natural talent. Water signs feel things and have ESP ability: Cancer is empathic, Scorpio is insightful. Pisces is all around ESP-ish on many levels. More than half of Karl’s planets are in water involved in this grand trine.

“We got to get you to learn Psychic Self Defense.” I told him.

Now I have a little psychic stuff going on, just a little. I have Gemini Moon (empathic) trine (good luck) with Libra Neptune (mystic/ESP planet). Gemini and Libra are air signs and they are “thinkers” more than feelers.

For example, when Karl can’t think of a name of a thing I end up picturing it in my head. We were talking about Middle Eastern Food and he said “What’s that thing…oh what is it called?” and I envisioned falafel. “You mean falafel?” I asked. “That’s it exactly!” He exclaims. “That round fried thing that you break open and it’s yellow.” He says. That was exactly what I saw. “You sent the image to my brain and I found the word for it.” I think he’s a good sender as well as being sensitive to others.

Karl has always known he’s sensitive to other people’s emotional energies. He can’t go into hospitals without feeling everyone’s fear, sadness, and despair.

“Dude, you got to learn how to protect yourself by surrounding yourself with a circle of white light. I use a L’eggs silver panty hose container, myself.” He starts laughing at my description. “It’s big enough for me to be inside of and the silver is a one way mirror. I can see out but others don’t see me. They see themselves. Their thoughts are projected back on them” I explain.

Lisa, the mother of my grandsons, my 3rd born son’s ex wife, she’s a Shaman and she said that Karl needs to “ground himself” to the center of the earth. She talked to him for a while explaining the creative visualization she uses to protect herself psychically.

Anyway, nothing happens by accident. Karl landing here when Tosh could use some company when I was gone for a month was a good thing. Tosh has Moon (how he cheers himself up) in Libra (likes to be social and have a buddy around) in the 11th house of friends of one’s own choosing. I was went back east to reunite with Tosh’s dad after 36 years. Karl was between apartments. Since Karl is here it’s been beneficial for him and for us for him to just stay on. He’s learning astrology and discovering how much he loves to cook. He’s been keeping a recipe diary.

I keep on telling him he should write, start a blog or something. Karl has Moon (his subconscious emotional response) in Scorpio (the sign that likes to keep secrets) so he’s hesitant to follow my advice on that. Then I told him he could self publish through Amazon to sell his cook book via Kindle. That got his attention with that Mercury/Saturn conjunction straddling the 10th/11th  house. 10th house is the house of career and Saturn’s property. Cancer deals with home, hearth, nurturing. His north node is in Sagittarius, he should publish or go over seas and eat exotic foods, learn another language.

But for now he’s content with inventing new dishes, which I will not share here because that’s his blog job to do when he gets around to it. I envision him taking pictures of his finished meals and doing a food blog. He got the astrological energy to do that, he just don’t know it yet.

So this is my first blog post and I’m finding my voice for this particular blog. I made a promise to myself that I will only blog about astrology in this web section. My other blog has random nattering about everything else. 4:17am. Time to fall over.