Daily Forecast: Thursday, April 26, 2012


Moon was looking forward to a relaxing visit home in Cancer. In its own property. Home, hearth, mom, love of the past, of family and country. What does it get when arriving? An opposition with Capricorn Pluto, still annoyed with Aries Mercury’s visit yesterday.

“Do we really have to have this T-square right now?” Whines Cancer Moon.

“I’m not finished with talking to Aries Mercury yet.” Says Capricorn Pluto, “Just you don’t get in the way with your emotional needs.”

“Oh it’s like that? Like a country isn’t made up of families. Like an Army doesn’t travel on it’s stomach. Like every human doesn’t have a mother. Well I never…” huffs emotional Cancer Moon,

“You tell him, girlie.” laughs Aries Mercury.

“You best watch your mouth too.” Cancer Moon snaps at Mercury. “You don’t want to pick a fight with me. You think you live alone in the world, without any connection to others? You think you’re so independent. Well grow your own food. Sew your own clothing. Clean your damned room while you’re at it.”

“I have important business to discuss with Mercury.” Pluto obsesses.

Taurus Sun interrupts Capricorn Pluto, “May I interject something here? You Cardinals are putting the fun in dysfunctional, family wise. Virgo Mars and I have a great plan on making our desires manifest. Pluto you’re part of the Earth group with Capricorn, come join Mars and me in getting something done. All this bickering, hurt feelings, contentious exchanges aren’t getting anything practical done.”

“Well said, Sun.” Virgo Mars says while organizing something.

Which energy will you choose? The Cardinal T-Square or the Earth Trines? I vote for the trines.


Daily Forecast: Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Aries Mercury squares Capricorn Pluto at 9 degrees. All the rabble rousing that Mercury was doing with Uranus is going to be questioned now. “What do you have to say now, smart Alec?” intones Pluto.

Mercury in Aries is brave in speech and knows that begging for mercy will be of no avail. “Boss, you know that I’m doing my job. I communicate. That’s my gig. So I’m in Aries. So I talked to Uranus. So you’re going to be square Uranus 7 times in the next 4 years. I’ll be communicating with you and Uranus more than a few times during these next 4 years.”

Pluto knows that it must transform governments and corporations. Squares, if one does the work, can be as beneficial as trines. It just takes effort. “What do you want to communicate to me?” Pluto asks.

“Be unafraid of change. Know that invention and innovation is good for government and business. The so called ‘little people’ are the life blood of these institutions, that don’t run on rules and regulations alone. I’m asking you to see new trails as opportunities and letting go of that which is no longer working as being prudent, looking out for the bottom line.” Mercury says in an Aries rush.

“I shall take it on advisement.” says Pluto, “This is what I will communicate to you and your Uranus friend, who I know is listening in… I will not stand idly by and let attacks on my institutions go unpunished. Laws are there for a reason.”

“Just watch out for your obsessive streak and desire for absolute power.” interrupts Mercury.

Pluto frowns, which is never a good sign.

“Just telling the truth.” says Mercury bravely.

“The truth. Whose truth? Yours, mine, what really happened? In Morocco there’s a saying, “If you tell the truth, have one foot in the stirrup and a stick in your hand.” says Pluto slowly and seriously.

“Boss, that’s why I have wings on my feet. Later” and Mercury moves as quickly as it can away from the square with Pluto.  

Daily Forecast: Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Moon meets up with Venus in Gemini, “I saw the trouble you caused yesterday.” She says to Moon. “Who me? I was just passing through. I didn’t call those other Mutables and say ‘meet me at the corner of the Grand Cross.’ and lets make folks antsy.” Moon gets distracted as is his wont to do in Gemini, “Looks like we got three double dates. You and me.” Venus smiles and nods her head. “Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.” and Venus sings “Feelings, nothing more than feelings.” and Gemini Moon laughs. “Mercury and Uranus in Aries, itching for a fight with Pluto.”

“They best watch out. Pluto just might scratch that itch and take no prisoners.” Says Venus while flipping through the celestial magazine looking for a social engagement to attend. “What else is gong on?” Venus wonders. “Sun and Mars are still doing their Earth trine.”

“Boring.” yawns the Moon. “If we reach real hard we can touch Saturn in Libra in a trine. That will stabilize some relationships.”

“Or break up relationships that aren’t working anymore.” Venus warns warily. “How about a movie, dinner out, stop by some friends for a chat?”

“That sounds like distraction enough for me. I’m going to be heading off to Cancer in a bit, putting on my Moody shoes.” Moon says with a faint smile. It knows it really likes to be with Cancer, that’s home.


Daily Forecast: Monday, April 23, 2012


Today reminds me of all of my four sons. I’ve birthed all Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Today all four Mutable signs are present in a Grand Mutable Cross, meaning that Gemini and Sagittarius are opposed, Virgo and Pisces are opposed, and everyone is squared to one another. Since Moon in Gemini and the North Node are involved some folks might say, “Oh it won’t last but a short while.” or “North Node isn’t a planet. It’s just a placement of intersecting orbits.” All that might be true but I’m saying that around Noon time on Monday people are going to feel right twitchy.

Mutable react, are ready for change. Where they hang out in the seasons is where the seasons change. Gemini brings in Summer, Virgo brings in Autumn, Sagittarius brings in Winter, and Pisces brings in Spring. The Mutables are geared for change. When there’s a Grand Cross these energies are like a electric vibrating spider’s web of changeability. All the elements are present: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, in that order. Air changes are brought on by the Gemini Moon. Practical Earth changes are brought on by the Virgo Mars. Changes in action oriented philosophies are brought on by the Fiery Sagittarius North Node. Water is emotional and healing in Neptune’s Pisces. When Moon moves on the opposition between Virgo Mars and Pisces Neptune will still be strong. How we take practical action and how we heal spiritually is what we need to focus on today because that’s what we’ll eat as left overs when the day is done.


Daily Forecast: Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today Mercury and Uranus are exactly fused at 6 degrees Aries. What quicker moving planets do to long term slower moving transits, like the Aries Uranus square Capricorn Pluto transit (the first of 7 exact squares between these two in the next 4 years), is Mercury “communicates” to Uranus. Like a bit of a rabble rouser. “Hey didn’t you have a revolution to start? Aren’t you totally pissed off at the ‘establishment’? Don’t you have some protests to initiate, some underdogs to fight for?” I’m sure that Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn, close enough for hand grenade shrapnel to do damage, can feel that annoying Mercury whispering in Uranus’s ear. “Their time will come. Mercury will be within the reach of my square in a few days. I’ll tell it what fer then.” Uranus knows it won’t get within range until late June, but the talks are still on with Mercury. “Ok, the way I figure it is we’ll occupy everywhere, gather all the protest tribes together, everyone will volunteer because we fight the good fight.” Pluto is in league with the secret police, SWAT teams, the courts, the governments, the Old Boy Networks. “We’ll crush them like the bugs they are.” Both win some and lose some. Last year was the start of this buggy ride.

Meanwhile Moon has moved on to hang out with Jupiter for a minute. “What do you think of baked potatoes?” Moon asks. “What do you think of Permaculture?” Jupiter replies. “Organic food!” They say in unison. Jupiter expands the pantry by planting seeds. Moon nurtures with a wooden spoon in its hand. Taurus Sun is sweet with Virgo Mars. “It’s good to be moving Direct,” Mars says. “Yes, it is time for us to help people make their desires manifest in the real world.” says Sun. “Is that distant thunder?” wonders Mars. “Just the Uranus sq Pluto kurfuffel we know that’s coming, is all. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.” sighs Sun.

Daily Forecast: Saturday, April 21, 2012


Ever feel like you’re going with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake? Today is like that with Mercury getting real close to Uranus in Aries. That’s communication linking with impulsive invention that’s aggressive. That’s the foot on the accelerator. At the same time the Moon connects with the Sun in Taurus. That’s the yin/yang connected in slow moving, stable, pleasure seeking earth.

In you mind you could be thinking a mile a minute, coming up with one outstanding innovative idea after another. You could be so intellectually on fire that you make cell phones ring in other people’s pockets as you walk by jingling coins in yours. But the Taurus Sun’s energy is with the New Moon. Sun is strongest and Moon is closest so they “win” the tug-a-pull on our energy. As Debbie Kempton Smith says in “The Secrets of the Star Gazer’s Notebook, Taurus is good with a roll in the hay and a roll in the hand – with mayo.  

New Feature: Daily Forecast Blogs

Some of you may know that I write the daily Twitter forecasts for the San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS). They are scheduled through Hootsuite to go to the SFAS Twitter page, and Facebook Group/Page. 

Keeping the daily transits down to 140 characters has been a challenge but I’ve gotten used to it.

What you don’t know is I do a lot of note taking and writing drafts to get down to 140 characters and I thought… I could turn my notes into a blog post. So I did. This is the New Feature I’m offering on this blog, extended versions of the Daily Forecasts. 

The blog posts for next week, starting Saturday, 4/21/12, are written and scheduled to go out at Noon from my WordPress blog. It’s exciting for me because this is the first time I’m scheduling blog posts. There is a first time for everything. As I was fiddling about scheduling the blog posts in WordPress I saw “Get Shortlink” as an option. Hmmm. I clicked that and a small url of the  scheduled blog was created.

Gosh. I’m blinking rapidly at 1am in the morning. Ok, then if I schedule SFAS tweets from Hootsuite and one of the “streams” is my Facebook page, which I am forced to use in order to get Hootsuite to connect with the SFAS page/group I administer, then I can schedule my own longer versions of the daily forecast from Hootsuite. Which I did. Hootsuite is scheduled to post to my Facebook wall at 12:05pm, daily.

I’d like is to be able to schedule a blog post to be published as scheduled in WordPress, but also to have it shared automatically with Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Now that would be really handy. I might be able to do that and don’t know how. I’m still trying to figure out how to get a second Twitter stream going on in Hootsuite.

The current transits call for steady progress. Virgo Mars has not ramped up yet even though it is going forward. Jupiter in Taurus slows down new projects. Slow and steady. So I’m not tripping if I can’t figure out everything right away. I’m feeling buff learning how to schedule blog posts, getting shortlinks, scheduling the blog posts in Hootsuite to go to my Facebook wall. That’s enough for one night. 

Sun conjunct Moon in Synastry charts

A question was asked on Facebook about the effect of a Sun conjunct Moon in a synastry chart. That’s when you compare two charts with each other and see what the aspects (degrees apart) planets are one chart to the other. Also part of the question was that it the Sun of one fell in the 3rd House of the other. Moon in the 3rd, to me, means that the person cheers themselves up with communicating, chatting around the neighborhood, seems to know everyone, may be amused by pop culture. Depending on the sign they could be a mimic. I don’t know the signs involved, unfortunately. Where the Moon falls in the chart of the Sun person is something else I don’t know about. 

Sun conjunct Moon in synastry is strong attraction, but it works best if the more “yang” person is the Sun and “yin” person is the Moon. For example, my last husband, now ex, my Sun was conjunct his Moon. I’m already too much with Sun in Leo conjunct Pluto natal. His 12th House Leo Moon was over shadowed by my too big ego. I forget who wrote this but “When a woman’s sun conjuncts a man’s moon she’ll tend to nag him.” Well that was true for us, even if I knew about it already.

Moon is how a person cheers them self up, how they heal them self. It is also the subconscious emotional knee jerk reaction. To have someone’s Moon on your Sun means when they cheer themselves up/heal themselves the Sun person sees that as an expression of their own ego. They might not see it as a wound licking reaction. If the Sun person has Mercury conjunct their own Sun then there may be a blind spot in seeing things as others see things. Can’t walk in someone’s shoes sort of thing.

If we’re talking about same sex relationships then go yin/yang for the placement of Moon/Sun conjunctions. So one doesn’t have to be stuck in the male/female heterosexual construct.

Each individual has to be aware of any aspects in their own natal charts that touch the Sun/Moon synastry conjunction. Like my Sun was conjunct Pluto in Leo, I’m just too much most the time, happily and gloriously so. His Moon in Leo was square his Uranus in Scorpio natal. (Yes, there was a huge age difference since my Uranus is in Cancer, but that’s a whole other story.) His moods would go through sudden, pouty, shifts at the drop of a hat. That Scorpio would not want to tell me what I did or said “this time” to get him all poo poo pouty. Keeping an emotional secret was a red herring game with him. Do you love me enough to be insightful enough to suss out what’s pissing me off this time?

That was too much for me. “Pull yourself up by your garter straps, boy!” is how I felt and he knew it. Ergo we are no longer married. 13 years was my experience with Sun/Moon conjunction synastry.

Now on the other hand I have a grown son, whose Gemini Sun is conjunct my Moon and we get along together happily. We laugh a lot every day. Out of all 4 of my grown sons, he’s the one who came to live with me after my last divorce. “To make sure that Mom didn’t fall through the cracks.” As he says. Helps too that his Venus and my Mars are also conjunct in Cancer so he likes it when I cook. Our yin/yang thing is in the right place. I give him space to be the grown up man in the house.

So to the lady who asked the question, it’s more than your Sun conjunct their Moon, but what signs are involved, what house is the Sun located, what are the aspects to the Sun and Moon of both people and then we look at the Transiting aspects to see what else is rolling around in that astrological stew. Since this was too long an answer for Facebook I figured it can be a blog post. 

Electronic Assault: Moon, Mercury, Uranus in Aries

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1334794103 Link to the “Transit Event”.

My transits just after the Facebook suspension

Transiting Mercury 1, Moon 4, Uranus 5, degrees of Aires.

What just happened to me was Facebook suspended my account when I was sharing a YouTube video. It was a video that was on the singer’s account, seen over 16 million times.

Uranus is sudden and unexpected happenings. It also rules electronics.

Mercury rules communication, pop culture.

Moon is emotional but in a transit situation it stimulates slower moving planets by its presence.

Aries is aggressive.

Facebook stated the temporary suspension was caused by someone trying to log in from some questionable site. YouTube is hardly questionable. So I was asked security questions, a text was sent to my mobile phone that was listed with my account, I had to change my password.

It was a bit disconcerting because I love my Facebook activity. By tomorrow all this Aries will be transiting through my 3rd House of communication. The transiting Aries stellium is squaring my early Capricorn Asc and early Uranus in Cancer. Jeese Louise, no wonder it felt like an electronic assault.

This is the first “Transit Event” post. Part of Aries in the 3rd House with these transiting planets is to “blaze new trails” and tracking “Transit Events” is new for me on this new blog.


PlanetWatcher – Very Useful Site

As I am rebuilding this astrology blog I must remember to share some of my favorite astrology websites that make my astrologer life easier. One I use every week, no jive, is PlanetWatcher  It is a free browser based application that you can use without registration.

When you go to the site the astrology chart comes up for the day and time you clicked there. You can get a link to that chart. For example, I clicked over there at 3:03pm, PDT. Here’s the link to the chart as it was at that moment http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1334700236 

There’s no BlogRoll here on this theme. Or none that I can find in the widgets. Ok, so I’ll set up a new category of “AstroLinks” where I’ll put posts that involve useful websites that are free for the astrological student. You can also visit the astrology websection on my site “Sharing what I know” 

Young astrologers have it so easy. I mean really: computers, online interactive websites, all sorts of free astrological teaching and information on the web. Even if you didn’t have a personal computer you could access all this through a public computer at the local library.

When you meet a feral astrologer, like me, know that I got my information by checking books out of the library, doing chart calculations by hand with pencil and paper, by buying books and building a four milk crate library. “You can take my astrology books when I die.” I told Karl, my astrology mentee.  “Cool!” he said not being bothered by the idea of my one day dying. I don’t know how to take his nonchalance about my inevitable mortality. I shall process that anon.

Suffice it to say that PlanetWatcher is a site you must go and bookmark and use it. Part of your learning astrology is to be able to see where the planets are, what aspects they are making to one another, and get that information quickly. God bless who ever put that site together. It is a loving gesture to you young astrologers.

Let’s see if I can get this screen shot of PlanetWatcher in this blog post. I’m posting from my laptop using GIMP software for image manipulation and I’ll have to admit to not being adept at GIMP. WOOT (*o*)/ It worked! Plus I linked it to the moment I clicked onto PlanetWatcher today. I’m a happy geek grrrl! (Some would say I’m an ‘easy date’ but that’s a whole other ramble for my other blog.)