Daily Forecast: Oppositions are opportunities for meeting in the middle


Moon and Saturn meet up in Libra. It would be nice to be nice. It would be right sociable. But directly across from their polite little tête-à-tête is a rude boy Mercury in Aries, pressing his nose up against the glass of the tea shop widow 

“He’s so abrupt. Doesn’t know how to take turns.” Moon whispers to Saturn.

“Don’t mind him. You’ll be on your way to Scorpio in a little while and you’ll have more than enough strength to deal with an Aries Mercury.” Saturn reassures the Moon.

“He will still annoy me.” Pouts Moon

“Oh a quincunx is in some ways more annoying than an opposition,” observes Saturn, “But remember all oppositions carry the opportunity for finding a balance.”

Mercury Aries turns his back on Moon and Saturn, whistling as if he doesn’t care that he’s not invited in for tea.

“Ok, I’ll make the first move.” Libras do like to initiate social activities and Moon rises from her seat and goes to the window and taps on it to get Mercury’s attention. Mercury turns around with an aggressive look. Moon waves him in, points to the pile of sweet cakes on the table. Saturn joins in and beckons him to come join them.

Will Mercury in Aries come half way to meet Moon/Saturn in Libra half way? Let’s hope he does because being on the outside is not fun and pretending to be independent can get lonely.

Daily Forecast: Hanging with Pluto, aiming for transformation


Libra Moon’s turn to oppose Aries Uranus. Capricorn Pluto squares both. The problem with that is Pluto is involved in a Grand Earth Trine with Taurus Sun and Virgo Mars this makes a “Hung T-Square”. Now stop that sniggering in the back rows and get your mind out of the gutter.

Pluto “hangs” the T-square with the Cardinal signs with the Grand Earth Trine.

Given that squares are stressful and trines are easily enough ignored I’ll be laying money on the chance that some folks will “blow up” regarding relationships. Maybe something in the relationship not being fair. Or if it is the workplace not getting one’s proper respect or due.

Libra Moon can get emotional with regard to relationships. Aries Uranus can bring sudden happenings that have little regard for the “We” and more emphasis on the “Me”. There’s a lot of room for hurt feelings on one side and a “whatever” attitude on the other.

It’s a passing bit of bother. Don’t fall for it. Do the work that Capricorn Pluto squaring both Libra and Aries is demanding. Transform the relationship. Don’t think of “Me” or “We” but think about the organization. Think about the structure that the relationship resides in because that’s what will last longer than the individuals that are involved at any one time. I know that sounds like some sort of government/corporate conspiracy but I’m just calling it as I see it.

Pluto is the big dog in the “Hung T-Square” so look to Capricorn Pluto and see what can be transformed within government and corporations. That too is part of the work we all have to do.


Daily Forecast: Relationships an uneasy target of attention


The Grand Trines are still in effect but attention will be brought to the out of sign Trine involving Gemini Venus, Libra Saturn, and Pisces Neptune. One might comment “Pisces isn’t an air sign. How can it be involved in a Grand Trine?” Well it’s a trine by degree if not by sign. Neptune is in the early degrees of Pisces so it “feels” like Aquarius to the late degrees of Libra Saturn and Gemini Venus.

Aries Mercury is moving into place to oppose Libra Saturn. When you have an opposition to a planet that is involved in a trine the opposing planet coincidentally creates sextiles to the other members of the trine. So Aries Mercury will be sextile to Gemini Venus and that early degree of Neptune in Pisces. Some purists are going to holler about this but let them.

The sextiles touching Aries Mercury are like the bow string. The opposition between Mercury and Saturn is the arrow, the target? Libra Saturn.

Saturn constricts but also provides form, like bones and skin are Saturn ruled because without bones we would fall into a floppy mess on the floor and without skin we’d bleed out and be vulnerable to everything in the environment that might touch us. Don’t just think of Saturn as holding you back or holding you in but providing you with a structure that can bring security. A playpen for a baby is like Saturn. It holds the baby in, keeps the dogs out, and provides a safe place for the baby to play.

Libra deals with relationships but also about aesthetics. Libras like things to look nice, for people to be polite, for situations to be fair. Kind of high standards for the really real world.

Saturn in Libra asks us to look at our relationships and determine if they are fair, most aren’t. Saturn in Libra will have us look at our environment to see if it is aesthetically pleasing, most aren’t. Saturn in Libra will judge if people have been polite and in this polarized political climate I’d say that a lot have not been polite.

The Kite that is forming will focus the energy of Mercury in Aries, which communicates aggressively, softened by the congeniality of Gemini Venus and compassion of Pisces Neptune to push Libra Saturn to make some tough choices. Sometimes cutting off certain relationships is the best thing to do for all concerned. Unlike a Grand trine left to its own devices a Kite will demand a balance be achieved and in this case it will be the Aries/Libra balance. It’s “me or them” time at the old ranchero.  

Daily Forecast: A boat load of Trines sail the easy seas?


Here are the Grand Trines:

Venus 20 Gemini, Saturn 24 Libra, Neptune 02 Pisces;

Sun 11 Taurus, Mars 05 Virgo, Pluto 09 Capricorn;

Sun 11 Taurus, Moon 11 Virgo, Jupiter 20 Taurus, Pluto 09 Capricorn;

Sun 11 Taurus, Moon 11 Virgo, Mars 05 Virgo, Pluto 09 Capricorn.

Some folks might think “Oh Goody. A boat load of trines. This is my lucky day.” Not necessarily. These transiting planets could be hitting your chart in a stressful way. Even if they were hitting your chart in a way that was easy that’s not necessarily a good thing.

The trick about trines is they make folks lazy. For example: I knew a fellow who had 13 trines in his natal chart. Good luck seemed to surround him. If he was about to be kicked out of the house by one gal he’d have landed in the lap of a female passer by who would take him in as a “wounded bird”. If he was running out of money a friend would point him to a job. When he got the job he’d become the favorite of a supervisor who would kick him up the ladder. The problem was he was not accustomed to ‘working’ for the things he got. Stuff and opportunities just fell into his lap effortlessly. So he always figured things would be effortless. That’s the trick of trines – no preparation for doing the hard work. Anything that required the slightest effort made him complain endlessly, to himself, under his breath, Mercury in Scorpio helped him keep his complaints to himself.

Penitentiaries are filled with folks with tons of trines in their natal chart. Why? Because everything was so easy for them that when they had to work for a thing they just didn’t know how, or didn’t want to, and they took the easy route – a life of crime. So they are in jail but still lucky.

Another example: Another trine rich guy I knew did time because he was cut off of a trust fund, basically for being shiftless even after getting a college education. So he went around to hotels pretending to be a famous person, “The Count or Barron of some far off country”, getting free room and board. Hotels will give comp rooms to noble born people so they will tell their friends what a nice place it was.

He tells me, “I tried to find something to complain about every day, because that’s what rich folks do. One day everything was perfect, room, food, service, just perfect. I thought to myself what can I complain about? Then I turned off the light and saw the water from the pool reflected on my ceiling. I called the front desk to complain about that.” And he laughed merrily at his antics. Well that life of crime caught up with him and he ended up in State Prison and what happens? He gets a job typing for the Warden because with a college education and being able to touch type he was valuable for the Warden. So this guy gets a special cell, with privacy curtains, and the pick of pretty boys in the yard. Luck can still happen when in prison. It was difficult for him when he got out though. But his luck will carry him along because he’s not going to change. No motivation to do so.

What one can do with a boat load of trines like today is absolutely nothing, because trines don’t motivate us to do anything, they just are there. If you stayed in the house, didn’t contact anyone, didn’t make an effort on a project, all these trines would just fade away and you’ll have nothing to show for them being there.

If you wanted to take advantage of their energy then I’d lay money on the Earth trines. Virgo wants things to be organized and with Mars has the energy to do it. Pluto in Capricorn says purge the stuff that is not working or has no further value out of your life. Sun in Taurus with Moon in Virgo says make the home a place of comfort and practicality. But if you didn’t want to do any of that work you can just do nothing and the trines won’t mind.

Daily Forecast: Compassion for self first then others later


Late Leo Moon gets squared by Taurus Jupiter. Jupiter has a tendency to over do. Taurus likes to aquire and keep material objects. Moon wants to cheer itself up and Leo loves bling. This is a recipe for over spending on things that you might regret later having bought.

Virgo Mars is still opposed by Neptune in Pisces, which is asking for a balance. But with all things that need balancing there can be a see/saw swing between one and the other. So if one falls off of the wagon in that Neptune in Pisces way don’t allow the Virgo Mars beat up on oneself unduly. Having compassion for oneself is a way to learn how to have compassion for others.

The focus is on Moon and Mars today. Moon needing to heal the emotions on a subconscious way. Mars wants to take action. Soon the Moon will reach Mars and be opposed by Pisces Neptune too we need to watch for the tendency for emotions, like anger, from being the expression that comes from feeling blocked.

When one feels blocked the question to ask is “What were my expectations?” for it is often unmet expectations that lead to disappointment and frustration. Did you expect a loved one to intuit your needs when you didn’t say them out loud? Did you expect someone to clean up after themselves when in truth of fact they never were all that tidy? What expectations are you holding that are illogical?

Neptune in Pisces is illusion as well as delusion. Are we deluding ourselves when it comes to what we expect from others, and in so doing we set ourselves up for frustration? Do we build our own “blocks”? Before getting angry or moody with another look to yourself and see if there are any illogical expectations that one can let go of, for Moon/Mars in Virgo are trine Pluto in Capricorn which asks us to let go of the dead wood in order to transform.


4-26-12-Peter Burns Interview

I was able to grab Peter Burns before the lecture on Thursday night at the San Francisco Astrological Society. He was a good sport. Funny aside: His Sun conjuncts my Venus in Virgo and we both wore matching colors on Thursday and then again on Saturday at his workshop on “Fixed Stars”. 

Published on Apr 27, 2012 by 

Peter Burns has studied and taught contemporary and ancient astrology and palmistry since 1989 and lectured at the West Australian, NSW and Victorian Associations, the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) International Astrology Conferences and recently at SOTA in New York. He conducts online correspondence classes at http://astrologycoursesonline.com/

Daily Forecast: Try to keep it upbeat


Leo Moon trine Aries Mercury bringing in some fire energy to uplift that Grand Earth Trine Kite configuration that’s still going on from yesterday. Allow fun loving positive energy keep the daring conversations on a positive level.

Chatty Venus in Gemini is coming up to a trine with Libra Saturn fairly soon, which will also keep social conversations polite but still entertaining enough for a witty flirt.

Aries Uranus trine North Node in Sag can bring intuitive insight into philosophical discussions, which even though they are electric can still remain humane and altruistic. 

With the drum beat of the Grand Earth Trine Kite in the back ground the planets in fire and air will raise the energy, keeping communication interesting, upbeat, and inspirational.  

Daily Forecast: The Kite w/focus on Virgo Mars


There is an astrological pattern called “The Kite” when within a Grand Trine there’s an opposition. At one end of the opposition there are two sextiles touching the trine. Those two sextiles in this Kite are the Taurus Sun and Capricorn Pluto touching Neptune in Pisces. Earth to Water are sextile. Sextile is an opportunity that will bring benefit if you reach out for it. Opposite Neptune in Pisces is Mars in Virgo, part of the Grand Trine in Earth: Sun, Mars, Pluto.

Look at the sextiles like a bow string and the opposition between Neptune and Mars as the arrow. The focus is on that Virgo Mars.

Mars is verb in our astrological sentence in that it shows how we “do” things. Mars governs the action of sex, aggression, initiation. Remember Mars rules Aries and Aries is the start of the astrological year. Initiation of action and Mars goes together.

Virgo isn’t the best place for the action oriented Mars. It is 150 degrees away from the best place it could be, which is the sign of Aries. Virgo is detailed, organized, and not given to impulse. It is given to criticism/self criticism. Mars can get angry in Virgo and become nit pickers and nags.

With the opposition to Neptune in Pisces what is the message that Virgo Mars needs? To give up some of that need for control? To trust the flow? To dissolve borders that are needed when one criticizes another. The border is that’s your space and this is my space and my space is neater than your space. Neptune in Pisces says that doesn’t matter. It is THE space and WE use it with compassion. Compassion can’t exist in a judgmental critical environment. Judgmental criticism can’t exist in a compassionate space.

The opposition is a call for a balance to be made. Virgo needs to loosen up and Mars needs to relax. Neptune needs to take a bit of action and Pisces needs to discriminate a wee bit. One side or the other alone is not going to work and this Kite pattern is pointing out the focus, Virgo Mars, where the action needs to take place.  

Moon in Cancer brings out family energy

Gosh all this Moon in Cancer stuff going on here at home. My Mars, Tosh (3rd born son) and my sister Linda’s Venus, Tosh’s Dad’s Moon, and we all have been doing family stuff all day it seems.

Linda and I were working on getting Japanese meals delivered to our mother, through Kimochi, a Japan town senior center, while Linda is at work. Mom has been getting really difficult with regards to meals but she’ll eat Japanese food. Don’t know why we didn’t think of it before.

Then I called Tosh’s Dad (the Doc) because I was “feeling him” and it turns out that earlier today he had taken a fall when walking his BIG dog, Minky, and had hurt his elbow and hip. See, don’t ignore those stray thoughts about loved ones. The Doc was happy that I called and checked up on him. He has intense stuff going on with his home and family out there that also came up today.

It was good that Tosh was home when his Aunty came for a short visit. Their Venus in Cancer do well together. Hugs and kisses all around for everybody.

But dang, I’ll be glad when Moon goes in to Leo. I’m ready for some lighthearted entertainment.

Daily Forecast: Friday, April 27, 2012


Taurus Sun, Virgo Mars, and Cap Pluto in a bit of a Grand Earth Trine. “I’ll distract Pluto for a bit.” Sun told Moody Cancer Moon yesterday. “Go hold Taurus Jupiter’s hand.”

Taurus Jupiter reaches out in a sextile to Cancer Moon, “You OK?”

Take the opportunity Moon. Sextiles only work if you reach for them.

“Oh thank you, I’m out of range of the Capricorn Pluto opposition and Aries Mercury square. I do appreciate your concern.” Moon says, peeking out from under the duvet. “Is Pluto still arguing with Mercury? I hate it when they squabble. T-squares are no fun.”

“Yes they are still at it, but Sun’s at 2 degrees to a trine and Mercury is 3 degrees to a square to Pluto. I think Sun can distract Pluto with some plantings, transforming the land, that sort of thing. Virgo Mars is 5 degrees away from the trine but he’s helping” Jupiter thinks out loud while looking at the big picture.

“Being of service, I think Virgo Mars likes to say.” Moon adds, starting to feel better already. “It’s nice to be chatting with you Taurus Jupiter. You make me want to make soup or bake something. Taurus comfort food. That sounds good right about now.” as Cancer Moon begins to bustle about the kitchen.

“I’m going to miss that energy when Moon goes into Leo.” Taurus Jupiter thinks to himself. “Then she’ll be too self absorbed to chat with me about soup.” He shrugs philosophically.