Where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing

Someone asked “How are you doing?” Long Story = Blog Post: Website Spring Cleaning and Ecommerce: http://www.norajean.com/Blog2/2012/05/23/website-spring-cleaning-and-ecommerce/

The part that is astrology related I’ll copy here:

During this Spring Cleaning, review of everything I’ve documented sojourn, I’ve written no astrology forecasts for my astro blog, no entries to my general nattering blog. I did write a “Ramble” that’s a page on my website that I linked from my home page explaining, in a shorter manner, “what’s up with these too light photos” and asking my website visitors to be patient while I correct and straighten up the website after this latest move to a new webhost.

I did take time during the New Moon/Solar Eclipse to set up my e-commerce section. After researching the half dozen electronic shopping cart options through my new webhost i went back with my original plan of using Mals-eCommerce, a free service to small and medium sized businesses, that’s been around for 10 years. Setting up ecommerce has been an on going effort. When I was married to James he’d complain that I’m not selling. I’d go and start the process of setting up ecommerce for my art and then he’d complain that I should have a real job, so I’d stop that and go on the fruitless quest of looking for a job when I’m past the sell by date for an admin in corporations. This happened, I don’t know, maybe 5 times, from 2003 to just before he started seeing the woman he left me for, in 2007.

I took a class in 2008 on how to write a business plan through the Women’s Initiative. I was asked to give the graduation speech for my class. Note the date. The beginning of the recession is when our graduating class sallied forth to start our small businesses.

Since this last New Moon/Solar Eclipse had the promise of effecting the tone for some time going forward I wanted to take advantage of the energy. Anne Ortelee said that each hour of the eclipse equals 1 year’s influence. This eclipse was almost 6 hours long.

Odd way to deal with early retirement

All that day I was digging through my records for my username and password for Mals-ecommerce website. Printing out the FAQ pages on the coding I need to master to set up “buy now” buttons next to my inventory. Setting up a subdomain pointer to a folder on my website. Building that web section a page at a time because I don’t want to have an “instant noodle” turn key look, I want my ecommerce section to look like the rest of my website. http://www.norajean-designs.com/ that’s what I’ve built so far.

Mother’s Day: Taurus Mercury Trine Virgo Mars

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336942380 Click on the link to go to Planet Watcher and see where the transiting planets are at the moment of this aspect: Mercury in Taurus Trine Mars in Virgo.

Here in the United States it is Mother’s Day. What a nice transiting aspect that is for getting together, going out for Brunch, and buying something nifty for Mom. With Mars in Virgo it may be something practical. With Mercury in Taurus it may be something beautiful. Since I have Venus in Virgo I do like practical gifts like a Bread Maker or a Slow Cooker. That’ll be the gift that keeps on giving. Mercury in Taurus favors the arts and my family knows I love art supplies.

Mercury is how we communicate but it is more than that. It is how we take in stimuli from the outside world with our five senses. Taurus is very attuned to the five senses. I always recommend cheering up a Taurus with a massage on velvet pillows, with scented candles, good music, something refreshing to drink, and a platter of nom noms within arm’s reach. All the five senses will be involved.

Mercury is also how we communicate going out to the world. In Taurus that communication often is involved with the arts. I know two musicians who are born on May 17th. There are artists who touch their media, like sculptors. Cooks, who are artists in their own medium, touch and transform raw foods into cooked creations. Communication can be more than words when it comes to Taurus.

Mars, as I always say, is the verb in our astrological sentence. In Virgo it wants to serve, to be needed. The best thing to do with a Virgo is to allow it to help you in some way. If they feel they’ve provided a good service then they are contented. Mars gives action to Virgo, which surely doesn’t hurt when providing a service to others.

Now this Mother’s Day with Mercury in Taurus trining Mars in Virgo would be best spent cooking with Mom. Let her teach you how to make your favorite dish you love her to make. Let her pass on some of that information and show you the best way to cut that onion, or learn that adding cumin towards the end of the process will make it less bitter.

There’s a story about the girl who did not want to learn how to make biscuits even though she loved biscuits. “I don’t want to learn how to make biscuits because it means I’m getting ready for you not being here.” she pouted on the back steps. “Best learn how to make these biscuits now,” her mother said, “Because you don’t want to be missing both me and my biscuits when I’m gone.”

Take advantage of this sweet Trine between Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Virgo and shell peas, chop parsley, knead bread dough, with your Mom. If your Mom has already passed away then make something she liked to eat that you like too and toast to her memory. If you had a Mom that you had difficulties with remember all parents were amateurs. No one got a Blue Book when they had a baby. A lot of us older folks our parents went through the Depression and the World Wars and they didn’t have Psychology Today magazines or Dr. Phil to help them sort out their damage. If you still have difficulties with your Mother take a moment this Mother’s day and find compassion for her and forgive her. Moon, Neptune, and Chiron are in Pisces and will aid in healing. When you forgive someone it is for your benefit. They don’t even feel it when you do. They might not accept it if you told them. Forgiveness releases you from carrying around negative energy needlessly.

That’s my Mother’s Day advice to you and now I feel content because my Venus in Virgo feels like it served someone.

Sun conjunct Jupiter: Do you feel Lucky?

Some people say that when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter it is the luckiest day in the year. Sun shining a light on the expansive and beneficent energy of Jupiter. Given that both are in Taurus, a down to earth fixed sign I’m wondering how this lucky day is going to manifest.

Debbie Kempton Smith said about Taurus, “A roll in the hay and a roll in the hand with mayo.”

Jeff Jawer, a Taurus himself calls it the sign of “Fat, Dumb, and Happy”

I’ve always experienced it as a stubborn sign that loved routine too much, but that’s because I was married to a Taurus for a time. Folks, don’t marry someone who has the same modality as your Sun sign. We had Fixed Taurus with Fixed Leo and no one was going to give up any ground.

Jupiter is a gambling planet, don’t know why, maybe one takes a gamble when traveling, ordering food in a foreign country is always a gamble. You never quite know if you’re going to get a boiled pig ear or some wee baked goodie.

Taurus doesn’t like to gamble from what I’ve observed. Taurus doesn’t like to give up stuff, even when the stuff is no longer useful. The thrill of gambling isn’t something I would think a Taurus would appreciate. Sitting down and counting piles of gold like Minnie the Moocher seems more like a Taurus thing to do. “She fell in love with the King of Sweden. He gave her just what she was needing. He gave her a million dollars in nickles and dimes and she counted it up a million times.” Or words to that effect. Now that’s how I see Taurus.

So how is Jupiter in Taurus going to express itself? I keep on circling back to the topic of growing food. If we get philosophical about growing food that leads us to permaculture, urban agriculture, even the hot house gardens inside of earthships. I can see Jupiter expounding at length with Taurus about growing organic foods.

With Aquarius Moon squaring Sun and Jupiter some folks might thing that would be a bother. But remember Eileen Lock says “Squares are stairs. Do the work and go up the stairs to get to a higher perspective.” The idealism and innovation of Moon in Aquarius, in square to Sun/Jupiter in Taurus, could create new ideas about nutrition, building sustainable housing , taking the earthships to other countries like they did after the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. The red tape that earthships ran into in the States was not to be found in ravaged Indonesia. They needed housing and housing that caught rain water and stored it into cisterns was just what they needed since their wells were full of sea water. Indonesia gets 100 inches of rain a year and with an earthship they didn’t need to dig a well.

So I guess if we worked this Aquarius Moon, nudging Sun/Jupiter in Taurus in a direction that is future thinking, idealistic, altruistic, it just might stumble over a good idea that could be down to earth, in the material world, but with an eye towards sustainability. We can only hope.

Aquarius Moon, Aries Uranus, Virgo Mars, Oh Yod

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336762800 Click on this link to open Planet Watcher and look at the chart for Noon PDT. You find the planets in the signs that I’m writing about

The Aquarius Moon is going to be running into squares to the mob of planets in Taurus, starting with Mercury. When Mercury is in Taurus it tends to like thinking and communicating in routine ways. Makes me think that ritual may be especially delicious with Mercury in Taurus. Moon quickly moving through Aquarius, a sign of breaking with the status quo, looking to the future, loving change, you can see how this Aquarius Moon would run into trouble with the stubborn routine loving Taurus Mercury.

Alan Salmi said that this could cause writer’s block. I’m saying that it could also mean that your words of change and innovation may fall on deaf ears. Especially when the Aquarius Moon runs into a square with Sun/Jupiter both conjunct in Taurus tomorrow, Saturday, May 12, 2012. Sun often represents people in power, those who rule and Jupiter often represents the spirit of the law or higher education. Good thing that square is happening on a Saturday when we’re out of the way of people in power for the most part.

Another thing that the Moon in Aquarius does is form a sextile with Uranus in Aries. Air and Fire go well together. The impulsiveness of Aries works well with the delight for change of Aquarius. The Aries Uranus will “boldly go” and that too pleases Aquarius. The modern ruler for Aquarius is Uranus so there is another positive connection. Now the Moon moves quickly so taking advantage of this sextile is like grabbing the brass ring on a merry go round.

Another thing that Aquarius Moon sextile Aries Uranus does is bother the heck out of Mars in Virgo. They both form quincunx, a 150 degree separation, with Mars in Virgo. Virgo likes order, practicality, detail. Virgo is the math teacher that asks you to “show the work” even when you had intuited the right answer. Mars in Virgo has been asking us to “show the work” since the end of last year and will continue to do so until July. The innovative and impulsive energy of Aries/Aquarius just annoy Virgo because they are not predictable.

For example: Virgo likes to plan meals ahead of time in order to go grocery shopping with a list, then read labels and compare prices, and insure that not only are they getting the best deal but the meals will be nutritious and there will be little waste. “If it is Wednesday that means we’re having lentil soup.” is something you might hear in a home that has a Virgo in the kitchen. Aries is so on the go, flitting about from one adventure to another it might survive on Super Food drinks and Cliff bars. Aquarius is so unique it might be eating a felafel one day and sushi the next but don’t ask it what it’s going to be eating for dinner three days from now. How can it know? So you can see how the quincunx between these three signs would be annoying for all concerned.

When you have two planets in sextile, that are both quincunx another planet, that’s called a Yod. Some call it “The Finger of God” and you have to say that with a deep booming deep voice coming out of a serious face. I just call it a Yod and I say it like an expletive. “Oh Yod!” Like one would say “Oh Bother!” like Winnie the Poo.

A Yod can be a conduit of energy or a place of a deeply felt block. I’m going with a conduit of energy because if you remember Mars in Virgo is at the “target” point of a Kite formation that I wrote about yesterday. Mars in Virgo is opposed Neptune in Pisces that is sextiled by Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn and both of those Earth planets are in trine to Mars in Virgo. See how the energy returns to Mars in Virgo?

So what does Mars in Virgo want us to do? Mars is the verb in our astrological sentence after all. It wants us to do something. Virgo says, “Clean your room.” Or clean something, organize something. Now what I’m thinking is since we have the Yod going on with Aquarius/Aries quincunx to Virgo it’s time to declutter, go through your unneeded items like a warrior charging through a battle field, (Aires) and allow the detachment from material items allow you to disengage with the junk you have laying about (Aquarius). This will not make Mercury in Taurus feel good because all the Taurus planets want to hold on to things in order to audition for a spot on the show “Hoarders” but we got to go with this multi planet focus on Mars in Virgo. Remind Mercury in Taurus that what we will keep is what we really love and what is really valuable. 4 broken refrigerators on the back pouch and 6 broken cars parked on the front lawn are not valuable and should not be loved.

6 Planets in Earth: What do you want with me already?

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336676400 Click on that link to open a window to Planet Watcher. See the placement of the planets that I’m writing about.

6 planets in Earth. Sun/Jupiter conjunct in Taurus. (Some astrologers will also add Black Moon Lilith with the Taurus bunch to make it a spiritual 7.) Mercury just entering Taurus and it will meet up with Mars in Virgo and Moon/Pluto in Capricorn to form a Grand Earth Trine.

Sun and Jupiter in Taurus gives an emphasis on the five senses: touch, taste, vision, hearing, smelling. How about a massage on velvet pillows, with incense in the air, with fresh fruit and nectar on a tray within arm’s reach, with your favorite music? Taurus delights in delighting the senses. As Mercury enters Taurus words can be applied to this sensuality. We can think about it, talk about it, communicate it with others, and asTom Lescher says there’s no “airy fairy, angels and woo woo” stuff about this sort of communication. It is very down to earth.

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces can bring the conversation to a spiritual level. Pluto in Capricorn is also sextile Neptune. Neptune is still opposed Mars in Virgo and that forms a “Kite” pattern in astrology.

As I’ve said before the sextiles are opportunities waiting to be reached for and worked. Taurus Mercury sextile Pisces Neptune can be the words and music to a song. That song can sing praises to the universe for the comfort and beauty that can be seen, heard, tasted, touched and smelled through the manifest body. Neptune in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn effects an entire generation.

Neptune sextile Pluto has been going on for a very long time. I’m a Boomer and my Libra Neptune is sextile Leo Pluto. Each successive generation has had the Neptune sextile Pluto aspect in different pairs of signs. Now it is the water/earth combination for this generation. Which is significant because of the fresh water crisis many people have on earth. When there are pollution problems effecting our oceans. Humans use the oceans as toilets, garbage heaps, and food source, which is odd. Neptune in Pisces asks for healing. Pluto in Capricorn has the potential to transform government and business for the better. This Neptune/Pluto sextile will be the quite opportunity this generation has to get through the Aries Uranus square Capricorn Pluto 7 squares we have coming down the pike in the next four years. If we reach for healing, get mystical, use the magic of Neptune being in its home sign for the first time in 165 years we can do a lot of good. Nothing will happen with that sextile unless we make it so.

The two sextiles to Neptune touch the opposition Neptune has with Mars in Virgo. The sextiles are like the bow string, the opposition is the arrow, the tip of the arrow or the target is Mars in Virgo. That’s the focus of the Kite energy.

Mars has been in Virgo since the end of 2011 and will go into Libra in July of 2012. Instead of being in a sign for 8 weeks Mars will have been in Virgo for 9 months. It’s been hard on other Mutables: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces because of the squares and oppositions it has formed. But Virgo is not afraid of work and neither should the other Mutables. Mars is the verb in our astrological sentence. It is how we DO things. When there is such a concentrated focus on this Mars in Virgo we need to ask our self “What the heck do you want from me?”

Virgo wants order, logic, practicality, prudence, good habits with nutrition and exercise. Virgo wants wants the manifest realm to make sense. Clean things up, sort the book shelves, tackle that pile of paper work, scrub the cupboard doors, you name it and Virgo will be delighted that it gets done.

I also see this Mars in Virgo’s trine to Pluto in Capricorn as the clarion call to recycling. Pluto likes to transform those things that were considered not valuable to become valuable with a bit of tweaking. Capricorn would be willing to sell the resulting re-purposed item online and make a nickle. If Mars in Virgo is giving us the physical energy to de-clutter then the trine to Pluto in Capricorn says “reduce, reuse and recycle”. That’s for us simple folks.

How does that apply to the “big guys” in government and business? Well tightening governmental belts and taxing the rich has brought the White House the first surplus in the budget, $58 Billion, that’s been seen in the last 4 years. Businesses are catching on to saving money by going “green” with finding sustainable sources of energy. There are businesses focused on providing these green products, like solar cells. Pluto is going to be in Capricorn for another 13 years. Neptune in Pisces for 14 years. We got a lot of reduce, reuse, and recycle to do in order to heal the planet.

So Mercury entering Taurus will bring communication about all this when it forms a Grand Earth Trine between Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. I’m just letting y’all know ahead of time.

Moon/Pluto in Capricorn: Dig Deep & Pare Down Emotions

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336590000 Click that link to see the planets as they are at Noon PDT, at Planet Watcher. It’s free and it’s a great tool.

Note that Moon and Pluto are both in Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn and will be for a dozen years. When ever a quicker moving planet, like the Moon conjuncts a slower moving planet it tends to trigger the aspects the slower moving planets are involved with. Mars in Virgo is moving into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Soon there will be a Grand Earth Trine when Mercury in Taurus moves into position to trine both Mars and Pluto. But we’ll discuss that when that happens

What Moon does in Capricorn is bring some seriousness to the emotions. Moon rules Cancer which is opposite Capricorn. When ever a planet is in the opposite sign that it rules it’s not working at its best. Capricorn is all business, going by the book, being serious, having discipline, being the father figure. Cancer is the opposite in that it deals with home, hearth, mom, nurturing, sentimentality. Moon in Capricorn is a serious place for the Moon to be. It might even be dour.

Add Pluto in Capricorn with the Moon. Pluto is the Lord of the underworld, things that are buried and hidden, things that well up from underneath is symbolic of Pluto. Pluto can be obsessive, power hungry, take no prisoners, stripping off that which is not useful and paring down to the bone like in the case of “down sizing” to up profits.

Perhaps Moon/Pluto reaches down into the underworld of emotions the obsessions we usually like to hide from ourselves. Moon is the subconscious emotional response and Pluto is the intense passion. Remember Hades kidnapped Persephone and dragged her to the underworld to be his wife and queen. Persephone didn’t have a choice. Hades was obsessed with her. It’s that sort of passion, obsession, take no prisoners energy that Pluto has. When that energy is mixed with the Moon we can have some intense emotional reactions to things.

Remember the last Full Moon in Scorpio, the Super Moon? I get the same feeling from a Moon/Pluto connection as I do with a Full Moon in Scorpio. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, the traditional ruler being Mars. It’s that intense, passionate, obsessive, emotional energy that can either bring enlightenment or madness.

So when this Moon in Capricorn “occults” or “eclipses” Pluto it brings attention to that Plutonian energy. It adds emotional energy to the Capricorn concerns. Like all opposites Capricorn/Cancer have a connection with the past. Cancer’s connection with the past is more like the family tree and a love of History. Capricorn’s connection to the past is how it anchors the structure of a government or corporation. It’s how it’s been done. It’s more than simply history; it is a template of how things should be done in the future.

My suggestion during this Moon/Pluto Capricorn influence is not to get “stuck” in the past, on how “things have always been done and therefore how it will be done in the future.” Because that sort of inflexible emotional structure will be confronted when the exact square with Uranus in Aries comes around in the next couple of months and for 7 times in the next 3-4 years. This Moon/Pluto connection will help us identify those areas and prepare them for the changes that need to take place because Pluto will “break down to break through” structures that no longer work for us. It is ruthless, think atomic blasts ruthless.

Last Gasp of Aires Mercury: It’s ok to say what you feel is right for yourself.

http://www.planetwatcher.com/#1336503600 You know if you click that link it’ll open a page that shows you where the planets are. I just assumed y’all knew. Dashboard stats show that y’all don’t.

Mercury is at 29 degrees Aries, last gasp at confronting Saturn in Libra. Aries Mercury is imploring Libra Saturn to sometimes think of the self before the social group. What’s that quote by John Donne? “Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail.” The before we know it Mercury moves into Taurus. The energy is Fixed Earth, not so impulsive and aggressive, but down to earth, loving routine, wanting to acquire ideas, wanting to make ideas serve the plan to make things manifest. Aiming to make a Grand Earth Trine with Virgo Mars and Capricorn Pluto before too long.

Gemini Venus moves away from Aries Mercury. Retrograde season will be on her next week. She still has time to influence Libra Saturn with entertaining tales of how society is changing. Libra Saturn is taking it in, thinking of what changes will be able to be initiated before it goes into Scorpio.

Oppositions are still on the astrological menu: Virgo Mars/Pisces Neptune; Sag Moon/Gemini Venus; “last gasp” Aries Mercury/Libra Saturn. All the Mutables are present in these oppositions: Gemini, Virgo, Sag, and Pisces. If we count the Sag North Node we have a T-square between that and Virgo Mars and Pisces Neptune. The missing leg of the T-square is Gemini. What planet is in Gemini? Venus. Where is Gemini’s ruler? Mercury is in Aries. Who have been in a sexy sextile for the last week and still have lingering attachment? Aries Mercury and Gemini Venus.

It seems to me that any antsy energy from the Mutable T-square can be softened with that Mercury/Venus sextile. How have we been communicating our values, loves, talents? Have we been authentic in what we say to others about our needs? Sometimes the pull of the “group” or “partnership” is so strong that we hesitate to say what we need to say and mean it.

Western civilization has a guilt trip on speaking out for what one wants. Men are socialized not to talk about their feelings. Women are socialized not to say what they need in regard to their talents. We are all told that we are selfish if we look out for ourselves. I think that’s brainwashing by the “group” out there that wants us to walk in lock step to do their bidding. Why is a healthy ego a bad thing? Because the powers that be don’t want us thinking for ourselves, to feel our feelings fully, nor to demand what we need to be able to manifest our creative potential. All that would get in the way of being exploitable fodder for the economic machine that depends on us being out of touch with our feelings and to feel guilty for wanting things for ourselves. It started with the Church running everything during the dark ages. Control the masses and you can gather wealth to build monasteries, nunneries, and big cathedrals. Make people feel guilty for normal things like sex, pleasure, comfort, self expression. Then the nation states took over and needed to exploit the masses for wealth gathering. It continues to today.

What I’m suggesting is the antsy energy from the Mutable T-square between Virgo Mars and Pisces Neptune opposition, with both squaring Sag North Node is to balance it all with grabbing what part of that Aries Mercury/Gemini Venus sextile you can at this late date. It’s been drifting over our heads for a week. It’s not like you didn’t have some thoughts about expressing yourself as an individual but may have hesitated because of societal programming.

Sextiles can be Sexy: Gemini Venus/Aries Mercury


The opposition we have between Aries Mercury and Libra Saturn is another difficult tug-a-pull. You may feel courageous enough to tell off the boss but the boss can fire you for doing so. Whistle blowers come to mind with this opposition. Libra Saturn has specific social structures that are set in place for the smooth running of society. Aries Mercury will fight for what it thinks is right. We may see conflicts between groups of people because of ideas. Aries Mercury may want to initiate a new way of thinking. Libra Saturn may want to keep things the status quo.

Gemini Venus is sextile Aries Mercury and that’s an opportunity if one will take it. Sextiles are 60 degrees apart. Gemini is ruled by Mercury so there’s a tie between them. Venus can soften Mercury with amusing chatter, while at the same time Venus is trine Libra Saturn. Gemini Venus can share new cultural trends to Libra Saturn, giving reason why some social rules may be changing. Libra Saturn would be open to hearing pleasant conversation about changing cultural norms more than it can withstand being yelled at by some intemperate blabbermouth.

Some astrologers don’t pay much mind to sextiles. But I look at them like buried treasure. Let’s get a definition from Cafe Astrology on Sextiles:

The Sextile: The sextile is often read quite like a trine, although there is a distinction between the two aspects. Sextiles, like trines, point to some talent and ease. However, sextiles have a little more “oomph” to them. While trines come so naturally to people that they might have to be reminded of their own talents or tendencies, sextiles are a little more overt to the native. These are the talents that people appreciate in themselves. They may be more inclined to notice and work on these talents. Sextiles are communicative and relationship-friendly aspects. They point to energies that are capable of being directed. Sextiles reveal the potential for intelligent use of the energies.http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/aspectsinastrology.html

I like what Cafe Astrology says about how trines can be overlooked, “Can’t everyone sing on key, do algebra in their head, or play piano by ear?” No they can’t because they don’t have those damned trines. Sextiles don’t stand up and say “Look at me, develop me, you won’t be sorry.” Sextiles are more subtle than that. Sextiles hang out and if you notice them, if you go to them, if you put your energy into them, then they will reveal their treasures. That’s why I think sextiles are sexy. Ever scope out someone in a crowded room, just hanging out, you make eye contact and they don’t wrinkle their nose in disgust? So you think you might have a chance with them. You go over to them, being all smooth, and strike up a conversation that doesn’t make you seem like a dork. If all goes well you might be able to put some energy into the relationship. No sniggering in the back row there! Sextiles are like making a move on a potential lover, that’s all I’m saying

I tell folks that their sextiles are hidden gems, all they have to do is reach out for them, use them, work them, and the outcome will be wonderful. I have a sextile between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Cancer, a lot of folks in my generation have this. We’ve been pioneers in the computer industry. Saturn is career, Virgo is detail, Uranus rules electronics, and oddly enough with Cancer ruling the home we came up with Home Computers. I didn’t personally but I did provide support to the programmers who were the grandparents of the internet and social networks. I represented “Joe and Betty SixPack” as our CEO liked to refer to the customers, which was not nice. Anyway, the generation with Saturn in Virgo sextile Uranus in Cancer were compelled to work with electronics, to make it something they use everyday, everywhere. Your generation may have slower moving planets that influence a whole cohort to express something.

With quicker moving planets I have Mercury in Virgo sextile Mars in Cancer. Here we go again with the Virgo/Cancer sextile but it’s in the personal planets. Mercury is how I communicate with my five senses, what comes in and what goes out. Virgo eats details with milk and sugar in a bowl with a spoon each morning. Mars is the verb in one’s astrological sentence. It’s how we DO things. Cancer rules home, hearth, nurturing and the past. What did I do with that sextile? I took a chronological romp through English literature while taking the prerequisites for TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, at the same time. I taught myself how to touch type like the wind. I devour books. Then I turned around and I teach, online, and before there were blogs like this I built a website which is over a decade old and a good portion of it was dedicated to writing. I was able to do a lot of this writing from my home. I’m still doing writing from my home. My family was not college educated. My mother spoke broken English because she is from Japan. My father was from Mississippi and some would think that his English is broken too. It’s just very rural Southern, is all. My sextiles propelled me in a direction that no one in my immediate family had a mind to go. I love my Mercury in Virgo/Mars in Cancer sextile.

Look for the sextiles in your chart. For your personal planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter… see how it has expressed itself in your individual life. For the generational planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto… look to see how your generation has expressed the sextiles. Don’t over look sextiles in general transits nor in the transits impacting your natal chart. If you do you’ll be passing up on hidden treasure that only needs you to dig for it.

The Opportunity in Oppositions: The Meat’s in the Middle


The Full Moon in Scorpio moves on to oppose Taurus Jupiter. Scorpio wants to transform by getting rid of that which is not working emotionally or sexually. Taurus doesn’t want to get rid of anything even if they are no longer useful.

Oppositions are always a balancing act asking for a meeting in the middle. But these are fixed signs. Taurus is Fixed Earth and Scorpio is Fixed Water. Taurus wants the 5 senses go be delighted and Jupiter wants more of everything. Scorpio is intensely focused on transformation whether it is with sex, birth, or death, and any of those can be experienced in the physical or psychic realm. Finding a middle ground is not going to be easy.

The current opposition between Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces is easier to find agreement. Pisces and Virgo can both be healers. Pisces will heal with metaphysics, laying on of the hands, through prayer, and let’s not forget that Neptune rules chemicals and medicines come from chemicals. Virgo will heal by making the operating room sterile, keeping wounds clean, feeding the sick nutritious foods, and at it’s best, to prevent disease with good food, enough rest, and sensible exercise. So the opposition between these Virgo Mars and Pisces Neptune is doable.

The sign for the opposition is O—O like a barbell at the gym. Where do you pick up the barbell? Not from one end or the other but rather from the center of the handle so it will be balanced. So too with all oppositions there is the opportunity to find a balance, a middle ground, where the benefits of both planets in those signs will be at their peak. I want people to get rid of THE FEAR of oppositions. Do the work that the opposition asks of you, negotiate, compromise, meet the other half way, then you will find that oppositions, with a bit of effort, can be very useful.

The reason why I harp on the opportunity in oppositions is because the opposition is the second most important aspect we have. The smaller the number you are dividing a circle the stronger the aspect. I’ll post a blog about it in more depth but the conjunction is the circle divided by 1, that’s the strongest aspect. The opposition is the circle divided by 2.

I think that the opposition is very important as an aspect. “1” always stands alone, like Aries being the 1st sign. It’s sort of self centered. Some conjunctions if they are too close can cause a “blind spot” metaphysically that the individual can’t see. Sun conjunct Mercury makes people have difficulty seeing things from another’s point of view. But the opposition is the beginning of the “other”, the duality that is part of our manifest reality: day/night, yin/yang, life/death. At the age of 2 a toddler just begins to realize that Mom is another being and not attached to the toddler self. One of the hardest things for a young human to learn is ‘reversibility’, “How would you feel if I hit you like you hit your brother?” A human has to be older than 7, all other things being normal, to even comprehend that concept. 7 marks the first square to Saturn, so it’s work to learn how to be within the rules of the social game. But I digress.

Bottom line: Don’t let THE FEAR of oppositions make you freeze like deer in the headlights. You’ll make your own life more difficult if you curl up into a ball on the floor, sobbing “Oh an opposition.” Get up and find a way to meet the energies in the middle, whether it be a general transit like I write about or a personal transit impacting your natal chart. If you work with the “hard” aspects like oppositions and squares you’ll get more accomplished. I promise.

Super Moon: Is your Stalking Full?


Cinco de Mayo and Koe no Bori. There is more going on than the Super Moon, which is a term coined by an astrologer (don’t know his name) in 1979.

This Full Moon is the closest it will be for the entire year. If you do a search for Super Moon May 2012 you will find a lot of links talking about it. Any Super Moon will bring very high and very low tides. This particular Super Moon is going to be raising people’s blood pressure emotionally and casting them in the low tides of depression if folks don’t watch out.

The Full Moon happens when the Sun is opposite the Moon. We have Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. But there’s more going on than that. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter and both are oppose the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Sun in a sign brings energy and focus to what that sign represents. Taurus represents the 5 senses, what we enjoy and value in the physical world. Jupiter expands everything it touches and in Taurus it is the desires for the simple pleasures of life that can be expanded. It can also be over eating, over spending, over collecting and becoming a hoarder. The Moon is the subconscious emotional responses and in passionate and obsessive Scorpio that can spell intensity, digging deep into the secrets of everyone’s psycho/sexual motivations.

Together Sun/Jupiter in Taurus opposed Moon in Scorio can be the obsessive love scorned stalker. The ex-lover doesn’t want to let go (Taurus) and is jealous of the new relationship that the former lover now is involved in (Scorpio). The ego is hurt (Sun) and the unrequited love is exaggerated (Jupiter). So the scorned ex-lover could go online and google everything about the ex, the new lover replacement, follow them around via FourSquare, create a fake FaceBook profile and “friend” either or both on the ruse that they are friends of friends. It could get to the point where a GPS device is attached to the former lover’s car and the scorned ex-lover spends all the days and nights tracking the car’s movement.

Don’t go there, ok?

Moon in Scorpio can also help us to let go of relationships by understanding our own psycho/sexual motivations. Rick Levine or Jeff Jawer said that Woody Allen went to the psychiatrist 5 days a week for 35 years… “Now that’s a Moon in Scorpio.” Woody Allen can afford to do that. Most of us don’t have that sort of money or medical benefits.

Scorpio knows how to get rid of stuff by transforming. Moon is how we heal ourselves. Sexual therapy is one way to heal a broken heart. Call over a buddy w/benefits and lose oneself in the realm of the senses. Scorpio can also look within oneself to find out what is motivating the obsessive desire for someone who is obviously wrong for us. Or for that job that is killing our soul. Or for that…fill in the blank. By understanding the underlying motivation one can heal oneself. That is a better way to use the Moon in Scorpio. Dance naked in the moonlight lit only by a bon fire for Beltane. That’s the ticket.