Changes to Astro-City Yahoo Group

Posted to Astro-CITY Yahoo Groups on November 4, 2017
As you might have noticed I have not been forwarding astrology posts to this group as I had been in the past.
The main reason is duplication of effort.
Follow me on Twitter Nora Jean Stone (@AuntyAlias) | Twitter To get all the astrology posts I forward to this group and more.
I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year. It is a personal challenge to write 50K words in 30 days. This will be a first draft of a novel and it will be fiction. It is only the fourth day of the challenge so if you’re wanting to jump on board come on down and sign up. There are no winners or losers. It’s not a competition with others. It is a challenge to yourself to develop a discipline of writing at least 1,667 words a day.
30 Days to make a habit
30 Days to break a habit
That’s the ticket.
I am going to let this Yahoo Group go fallow until the turn of the year.
2018 I will be utilizing this Yahoo Group in a different way. It will still be astrology but I will not be forwarding astrology content of other astrologers but rather be sharing my astrological insights and comments on current affairs.
Everyday I see items in the news where someone has flipped their mind at the age of 29, that’s a first Saturn Return. Or like Kevin Spacey getting exposed at the age of 58, that’s a second Saturn Return. Or of someone deciding to change their gender at the age of 42, that’s half of a Uranus cycle. These cycles show up all the time.
7, 14, 21, 28 years old everyone is a jerk. That’s when Saturn is conjunct the birth location, square, opposed, squared again and conjunct again. It’s jerk time at the old ranchero.
Now I could just as easily natter about these things on a blog and I might, after I share them here in Astro-City. I am feeling that this platform would be a good sounding board for the first draft of these astrological observations.
Now what I’d like is if there is anyone reading the posts from this group to reply to this email and let me know if you give a flying rat fart about the changes or if this is just the thing to motivate you to unsubscribe. Either way it’s doesn’t make my plans change a bit.
If everyone unsubscribed then I can re-brand this group and advertise it on Facebook and Twitter so people who are involved with astrology can come and natter with me about things in pop culture, political news, and other topical subjects.
In my bones I’m feeling that there is no one paying attention to this group. That everyone has either gone on “no mail” or has retired the email address used for this group. That’s my feeling anyway.
So there it is… the changes for Astro-City. I’ll be back at the beginning of 2018.
Change your clocks to one hour back in the wee hours tonight.
Have a good Thanksgiving and other Holiday celebration that you’re involved with between now and New Years Eve, when I plan to be back with a whole new slant on Astro-City.
Nora Jean Stone

Paying to get smacked in the mouth aka Dental Sojourn

Or in other words going to the University of Pacific Dental College to have a massive amount of work done. I’ll add the widget for the GoFundMe page I set up to crowd source the cost of the dental plan.

I’ve been going to UOP since July when I had to have an emergency extraction. Since I was there and I really liked my dental student, Chandi Patel, we figured we’d see what was going on and what was needed.

Holy smokes I needed another 4 teeth extracted, deep root cleaning, 5 crowns, a partial denture, and a partridge in a pear tree. The GoFundMe page is for $4,000 but now with an additional crown added it’s $4.700. I’m raising money slowly and here’s where the astrology comes in.

I’m giving astrology readings for $1 per minute, minimum of 1 hour to reserve time with me. This money goes into my dental fund. All other pricing arrangements are suspended until I have molars with which to chew walnuts and salad again. This is really a great deal because this is how I do it….

We meet on Google Hangout, we chat, I show you stuff on my monitor, all if it is captured with NCH Debut screen capture software in 15 minute increments. I upload the videos into DropBox for you to download and review at your leisure. I also upload to DropBox gifs of your Natal Chart Wheel, Transit Wheel, and Synastry (interchart compatibility) Wheels if needed. I also include a computer generated report from Matrix software Win*Star and that helps you keep track of planets in the sign, planet in the house, and aspect to the planets.

I recommend using that little computer generated report as examples of search queries for online browsers. For example I would type in a browser “Sun in Leo natal”, “Sun in the 8th House natal”, and “Sun conjunct Pluto natal”.  Since Jupiter is in Leo at this time I would type “Jupiter conjunct Sun transit” because I’ll be searching for any web page that has information about transiting Jupiter bring on top of someone’s natal Sun.

You can see Jupiter (shaped like the number 4 in green) on the outside of the natal chart wheel below, it’s right near the black symbol for the Sun, a circle with another circle inside of it. They are at where 1:00 would be if it were a clock face. I’m not assuming you know astrology symbols yet.

My Natal Chart with Transits for 12-05-14

My Natal Chart with Transits for 12-05-14

So if you’re interested in getting a chart reading or being taught astrology so I can raise the funds for my partial denture, then let me know. I’ll need your full name, email address, “birth” means full birth data: mm/dd/yyyy, location and time of birth. I also will need to know what type of astrology reading you’re interested in: Natal, Transit, and/or Synastry. Synastry means that there are two people involved so I will need all the information for the other person too.  Payment by PayPal to That’s about all I can think of at this time. If you’re interested then fill out the form below and thanks.

Rebuilt the Astrology Site

Old Women With Computers Are Dangerous

Old Women With Computers Are Dangerous

If you got a bit of the Geek in ya, then read this blog post. If not, then ignore it because I’m just debriefing myself, for the record.

I’m glad that I didn’t uninstall my old Astrology Blog on my website because I was able to export blog posts from there to repopulate this site after I screwed it up some how. I’m not even sure what happened.

Here’s what went on: I was in the Control Panel at iPage looking for a WordPress website I thought I had on my account. Turns out that I got a separate account for the one I was looking for. While I was in my account I saw that all the WordPress sites were due for an update. I updated this one last night. Today when I went to add a post it was belly up with a weird notification. So I tried uninstalling and it got even weirder. Here’s the trouble ticket I posted with my webhost.

Uninstall WordPress error
Customer Quote: I used the “update” on one WordPress blog yesterday and today I got this on that home page “Fatal error: Class Publicize contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Publicize_Base::test_connection) in /hermes/bosnaweb01b/b1001/ipg.norajeancom/ on line 656″So I attempted to remove that WordPress platform to reinstall it and got this message inside of SimpleScripts :Removing WordPress from
Server Response Empty
Your server responded with a blank page, which means your server is having difficulties processing PHP requests. If you are not familiar with this error (potentially a “500” Error), please contact your server admin or web host about possible resolutions.
Show Debug (beta)
[25 Mar 17:37] Manually set FTP Root Directory: .
[+1.059s] Testing “.”: success.
[+0.060s] Tried directory “.” with URL “”. Response: “”
[+0.062s] Tried directory “.” with URL “”. Response: “”
[+0.061s] Tried directory “.” with URL “”. Response: “”
[+2.679s] Remove utility successfully uploaded.
[+300.896s] Response from

Since the uninstall was not complete I copied the files from my back up to the subdirectory and updated the Theme and it worked, for a minute. I was able to post in the blog and then it all disappeared. Cue – blinking rapidly. So I go back to the Control Panel, make sure that the WordPress site is really uninstalled, and reinstall it again. It took about 5 hours to rebuild this site and get it to the point where I have all the plug-ins and widgets all where I want them to be.

If you got the Geek Chops to understand the notifications I got then let me know in the comments. I looked at them and my eyes glazed like Krispie Kream donuts.

I do feel fairly proud of myself to be able to rebuild and repopulate a WordPress website in such a short amount of time. I look at this whole event as an opportunity to practice my WordPress skill set. Now I have a half dozen other WordPress sites that I need to double check for back-ups.


I don’t believe in Astrology


There are times when people confront me with “I don’t believe in astrology.”

My reply, “Neither do I.” and that usually leaves them blinking rapidly.

It’s like this: Do you need to “believe” in a hammer to strike that nail? No you don’t. A hammer is a tool and you use it. Astrology is a tool and you use it.

If all the hammers you ever used came apart when you swung it over your shoulder, the head of the hammer flying off and injuring a co-worker behind you, then you’d have reason to “not believe” in hammers being good tools.

If all the time you’ve used astrology, really used it, with a natal chart cast with all the data: mm/dd/yyyy, location, and time of birth, and you used good books to figure out what all that signified, and then you discovered that astrology never gave you a bum steer, then you wouldn’t have to “believe” in astrology as a useful metaphysical tool. It would just work and you’d use it.

“How does it work?” the confrontational person might demand. “The planets are too far away to exert any physical effect. The person sitting next to you on the bus exerts more of a gravitational attraction than the moon.”

Given who sometimes sits next to me on the bus that comment gives me pause.

Ever hear of Jung? Of Synchronicity? When two things happen that are not connected to each other but they are synched together in time. A master dies in one country and his dog howls in another country right at the same time:  acausal connection. That’s astrology for me.

“How does a car work? You drive a car or ride in a car driven by another person. Do you know how that works, really? Do you know how an airplane works or an elevator, probably not, but you use them, don’t you?” I reply.

There is a belief that I have: every human being is intuitive and can see patterns. If you threw dried beans on the floor, a checker board floor of black and white tiles, in time you will see a pattern emerge in how the beans bounced. I will wager a guess that if you also tracked earthquakes, murder rates, the amount of diapers used in a particular state of the union, you will find connections, patterns and you will intuit something because of what you’re seeing with the bouncing beans on the checker board floor.

We are the conduit of the truth. It is through the mind of humans that God was created. Oh I can feel bodies fall to the ground in a faint on that comment. “If horses had gods their gods would look like horses.” Who said that first? Not me. I’m just remembering it.

I don’t care how astrology works. I know that it does. The times that astrology has not worked for me was when I was pretending to be Cleopatra, the Queen of Denial. I didn’t see the red flags on the chart of a future husband. Or I thought “My love will change him.” only to find out that when in love an astrologer is as big a fool as any other civilian. But I digress.

Don’t believe in astrology. I don’t care. If you want to test astrology send me your birth data, put money in my PayPal account and then we’ll see if it was money well spent. But I’ll tell you this for free…anyone who wants to disbelieve a thing has their mind set on disbelief. There is an ego attachment to being right and making someone else wrong. “I win/You lose” tug of war with a perceived opponent. I’m not playing that game with skeptics. I do not have an ego attachment to making someone believe. I don’t care if they use this tool to their benefit or not. I don’t care if they have a happy life or not. The individual has to care if they have a happy life, are centered spiritually, are manifesting their creative potential. If they don’t care and don’t contact me they are not in my line of sight.

My hands are full with people who accept that astrology is a tool that can be used to their benefit so they can have a happy life and they pay me to tell them just how that can be done. It has nothing to do with belief.

Leave belief to “systems that require faith”, meaning religions of any kind. The reason why religions require faith and belief is you can’t test the systems. You can test astrology, it works or it does not work. Belief systems require faith because you can’t test them. If things go wrong then it is God’s will. If things go right then you feel blessed. I have nothing against belief systems. I have one of my own. But don’t mistake metaphysical systems for belief systems. They are very different.

I admit that I use the individual’s belief system or lack of belief system to form the thought bubbles I’m tossing at them. “You Christian? Ok, remember when Jesus said…” and then I fold in astrology with their belief system. 

So as for astrology I do not “believe in it”. I use astrology, like a hammer or saw, it is a tool to help me and the people who come to me get through their life with a modicum of grace and that’s all we can expect from any metaphysical system.

My New Astrology Domain –

This will be the last blog post on this Everything will be migrated over to the new  Astrology Domain: Astrology with Aunty Alias

I set up the new domain for the astrology material. I want to be focused on everything other than astrology. I’m also going to be posting about Social Network Marketing on the new domain.

NoraJean_Astro-Service1I’m keeping the web page up because the points to the static that HTML pages, and that’s what is on the YouTube videos. It will be reduced to one page and then it’ll be reduced to a redirect to the new domain when all the stuff is moved. 

I know it’s a bit confusing but building websites and blogs on the run, while things are developing, is like riding the train hanging out on the caboose platform: You got no idea where you’re going but you got a great view of where you’re coming from. My ClayMates lived through the being merged with and from 2003 they’ve been pulling their hair over broken links. At least the Astrology section at isn’t that big and doesn’t have that large a following. 

All the blog posts (minus this last one) have been exported to  Astrology with Aunty Alias

The fee schedule from the astrology section of has been moved over to Aunty Alias Fee page  where PayPal buttons are being built for the different services I offer. 

I’ll change the static home page for this blog to be the blogs and not the page it has been on. That way if someone falls over this link they’ll know what’s going on and where they can go, should they have a mind to. 

That’s about all I can think of for now to let y’all know: this blog is fixing to be retired, content has been moved, a new domain has been begun, and slowly the web pages from will be migrated over to the new domain. Being a one woman band everything gets done when it gets done. Like the Rastafarians say “Time is time, it be done when it be done” Jah Love. 

Mercury Retrograde – Best time to edit and review


A lot of people get all wonky when Mercury is Retrograde. As if when Mercury is Retrograde they should hide under the duvet and not answer the phone. Astrologers who advise clients “Do not sign contracts during a Mercury Retrograde.” are not thinking about whether their client is looking for work, clinching a deal, finding an agent.

People can’t stop in their tracks 3 times a year and this Mercury Retrograde is going to go on for 4 weeks. Try telling your boss that you can’t close that deal because Mercury is Retrograde.

I have a different approach. I use the Mercury Retrograde to “RE” things. What are the “RE” words you can come up with? Review, reexamine, renegotiate, revitalize, reduce-reuse-recycle, re-fi, re-fry. You get the idea.

Review things already written or already started. Edit that hunk of prose. Go over that website and fix those “red x” where photos are supposed to be. Get rid of dead links that go out to 404s.

That’s what I’m doing, figuring out why this blog didn’t have the social network share buttons. I got the buttons fixed (for the most part) on my general nattering blog. But when I came to this blog I couldn’t find the set up.

I know I was overwhelmed when I was fixing my website and rebuilding my blogs after the last web host server “reset”. My site got reset like it was hit in the head with a hammer. There must have been something I overlooked.

Jetpack – that’s what I forgot to install and initiate. Why did I over look that? I forgot where I put my password, that’s why.

So I RE-viewed my paperwork and found that password. Installed and initialized Jetpack, and got those social network share apps set up.

That’s how you utilize Mercury Retrograde.

Read the fine print. Don’t move forward until you understand what you just read. Take one step at a time. Make sure you leave a bread crumb trail so you can follow back over your steps.

Mercury Retrograde makes me slow down and review what I’m doing.

This Mercury Retrograde is in Cancer. What does Cancer signify? Home, hearth, Mom, security on a personal level, the past, sentiment, tradition, empathy, nurturing, the breasts, etc. USA has Sun in Cancer and what are the traditional things when people sum up America “Home, mom, apple pie”.

There is also the fierceness of a mother bear protecting her cubs. Don’t underestimate the intensity of the Cancer energy when it comes to protecting the home.

Cancer Mercury Retrograde can have you reviewing your home security systems. Do you get the urge to become a “Prepper” and add some bottled water to the Earthquake Emergency Supply kit under the kitchen sink? Are you motivated to review your Last Will and Testament to make sure that all the ‘t’s are crossed and ‘I’’s dotted?

This is a good time to touch base with the family and what better time than the Fourth of July. If you can’t do that then make a phone call and don’t get upset if they don’t get the message until days later, Mercury Retrograde can delay messages, letters go missing, or you might leave out the house without the proper paperwork when going to an appointment.

Slow down. Know that your mind may be wandering into the past. You might not be emotionally “present” during this time. Be careful while cooking because wool gathering mentally is not prudent while handling a knife.

Anyway, this was just going to be a test for the social network connection between my astrology blog and the rest of the world. Let’s see if it works.

Uranus square Pluto Fritzed My Blogs!

Ok, it’s like this.

When I started my website it was over 10 years ago and I was using FrontPage 2003. In the ensuing years that software was retired. The code became old fashioned and the new browsers didn’t like it. My slide shows and FrontPage “themes” were broken in the new browsers.

Then because I didn’t know what I was doing I had hundreds of photos in my root directory which made my FrontPage extensions unstable.

I upgraded to Expressions Web the new software from MicroSoft, not a replacement for FrontPage but a CSS software for web building, that still used FrontPage extensions.

My webhost in the effort to make my site more stable moved ALL the photos form my root directory into a file. This month of May 2013 I’ve been searching every page for “red x” photos to redirect them to the right file and to add the Dynamic Web Template to all the pages that had it stripped off.

In the process of doing that I realize all SIX of my blogs are wonky. I can see the pages I have in my blogs in the Dashboard but they do not show up when clicked on the page. My permalinks were fritzed, style sheets were MIA. This is a whole boatload of work I have to do over to get it to the place it was in April, before the webhost “fix”.

So ClayMates looking for CITY-o-Clay guidelines, CITY-Leaders looking for CITY-Lists Guidelines for training, my astro blog here and my general nattering blog, and most likely my son’s kung-fu site and the sample WordPress sites I set up for examples of my skill set are all messed up.

Don’t ya just love it when a “fix” breaks a mess of stuff? So that’s the story of what’s going on with my site and jeese louise do I have a lot of work to do still.

To be Certified or Not to be Certified – that is the question

A question was raised on a Facebook Pro-Astrologers group about getting certified. Those who are certified have  attachment to their time, energy, and resources that went into getting letters after their name. Those who are self taught, as I am, have their reasons for not getting an astrological certificate. Below is my reply to that thread. May as well make it into a blog post since I rambled on for a while.

I’m not certified because after being a single mother on the poor side of the
tracks, raising sons while putting myself through conventional college, the
money it costs to get certified astrologically smacked of a metaphysical MLM
scheme. I spent my money buying books and reading them. Then buying a computer
and getting astrological software. Study and observation, self study and seeing
the results of choices made by virtue of astrology improve my life, that’s the
old fashioned way of learning.

I’ve heard many professional astrologers say that no one is going to get rich by
doing readings. Rather it is by being published (so other astrologers will buy
their books), going on the lecture circuit, and/or setting up a “school” and
becoming an astrological Guru. (see MLM comment above).

Any client who will be impressed by letters after someone’s name gets the
astrologer who had the time and resources to do the studies to get the
certification. That doesn’t mean that the reading will be relevant or helpful.
As it has been said above there are people who are highly trained but have poor
“people skills”. There are great astrologers who are not facile with Social
Network Marketing and SEO tricks so they remain unknown except for word of

I’ve come to the conclusion that astrology and all other divination arts are but
training-wheels to our metaphysical bicycle. We are meant to leave these tools
behind and rely on our intuition. Many times I’ve been reading a chart for
someone and I’ve asked them a question that made them blink with shock. “How did
you know that?” They’d ask. Frankly, I couldn’t tell them because the
information welled up through an intuitive channel. Astrology is the framework,
the chicken bones tossed on colored sand on the floor, it helps me focus on the
client but I’m not limited to just reiterating what I’ve read in the mountain of
books I have.

Speaking of the books or any training: it’s what was observed and recorded in
another time and place. That doesn’t mean it has total and irrevocable relevance
to this day and age. My clients are put off by the sexist perspective in the
“old books” just as I’m put off by the inherent sexism in Chinese characters
when I’m studying Japanese. My gay clients can’t relate to most of the astrology
books that are out there because those books were written before gay astrologers
were “out”.

Each generation of astrologers helps clients sort out their lives in that time
and place. What house system one uses or whether one uses Western or Vedic is
moot when it’s a tool to focus one’s intuition and aid in healing someone


Elliot Tanzer Interview for the San Francisco Astrological Society.

Elliot Tanzer has 44 years of astrology experience and has been involved with Feng Shui since the 1990s. Astrology, Astro Cartography, and Feng Shui are his specialties. He has written books and also offers personal readings and workshops on these topics.

Editing Note: The two book covers are seen as if in a mirror. I inserted jpgs of the book covers seen correctly in 3 different video formats. Each time I uploaded the videos to YouTube the jpgs could not be seen. Check out Elliot’s website to buy his books.

I apologize for the booming sounds in the background. Volunteers are setting up tables and chairs for the lecture. I’m sweating like crazy because I was doing that too just before the interview.