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What? Another Blog? It’s all so confusing!

The hardest thing about setting up a new blog is choosing a WordPress theme. There are just too many of them and none of them really fit what I’m looking for. I guess I’ll have to just learn how to make a WordPress theme and do it my self.

The story of my life: DIY

Ok, so what’s the deal with this new blog? My former astrology blog was sacrificed when I exercised my Venus square Uranus natal aspect. When I’m done with a relationship I’m really done.

My former webhost had my site phase in and out of existence recently. The last time it happened was during the Friday, April 13, 2012, when Mars and Pluto were station. Mars in Virgo was station to go direct and Pluto in Capricorn was station to go retrograde and I just got so frustrated with my site being down I went and found a new web host. I have Transiting Mars right on top of my natal Saturn in Virgo so getting things done with my website was a serious issue. Transiting Pluto is right on top of my Ascendant transforming my persona. I can’t do that without my website. That’s my public brand. Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs, concerned with things that are practical, money making, or at least not money wasting. I had it “up to here”.

I didn’t get frustrated until I had sent a number of emails to my former webhost and he didn’t answer me when my site was AWOL. This also happened a couple of months earlier. This time I was like “stick a fork in me – I’m done” I found a new webhost, redirected my DNS to the new host and started the lengthy process of transferring over a gig of data to the new location. I also got in touch with the billing agents, who charged me for a year in advance and I was only through 1/4th of it that I do not want them to charge me again. I’m leaving… in a huff. I left before I got a back up of my two blogs. That’s the Venus (relationships) square (stress) Uranus (sudden happenings and independence). I do huffy leave taking when I get frustrated too much. 

In the middle the data transfer to the new webhost the former webhost contacts me by email. Too little too late. I know he is a one man band, times are tough, having a young wife and new baby is even tougher, but that’s not on my plate. Pluto in Capricorn is grinding on my Ascendant and is fixing to go retrograde. It is telling me I got to get rid of that which is not working for me and it was using that webhost. The guy who ran the business was just juggling too much in the air and he needed to answer to Pluto’s demand to chuck out the dead wood to become better, sleeker, niftier.

So I have a new blog. I’m ambivalent about the WP Theme but it will do for now.

Here’s my transits for right now as I’m building this new blog. It’s 3:35am. I love doing web wrangling in the middle of the night. It’s so quiet. Let’s see how this second paste of Word in WordPress is going to behave. The astrological symbols didn’t copy over. Too bad. I guess that is the universe’s way of telling me I got to write the planets and signs out and explain stuff in detail. 

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