The About Page from the San Francisco Astrological Society:

Nora Jean Stone  Vice President Publicity,  Outreach Director 

Nora Jean Stone 2012

Nora Jean Stone 2012

Nora Jean Stone has been studying Western astrology since the mid 1960s and reading charts for family and friends for over 40 years as an avid amateur. For her second Saturn Return she decided to make astrology a primary focus of her life. Part of that effort was to hang out a virtual shingle as a professional astrologer. The other part of that effort was to become involved with the San Francisco Astrological Society as a volunteer for the Director of Publicity and Web Mistress, utilizing her background in public relations, computers, and social media marketing. As of January 1, 2015 Nora was voted the Vice President by the Steering Committee of the San Francisco Astrological Society. Her other volunteer activity is teaching polymer clay art online for free since 1999, hosting a Yahoo Group of over 2,000 subscribers, and providing a gig of free tutorials on her website:  http://www.norajean.com

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